Experimental Mechanics in Nano and Biotechnology

Volumes 326-328

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.326-328

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Authors: Wae Gyeong Shin, Soo Hong Lee, Young Sik Song

Abstract: Reliability of automotive parts has been one of the most interesting fields in the automotive industry. Especially wiper motor for...

Authors: Qian Wang, Sung Hoon Choa, Woon Bae Kim, Jun Sik Hwang, Suk Jin Ham, Chang Youl Moon

Abstract: In this paper, a low temperature hermetic wafer level packaging scheme for the RFMEMS devices is presented. For hermetic sealing, Au-Sn...

Authors: Dae Jin Yang, Seong Je Cho, Jong Oh Kim, Won Youl Choi

Abstract: Lead zirconate titanate (Pb(Zr0.48Ti0.52)O3 or PZT) films were grown on platinized silicon wafers (Pt/SiO2/Si) by d.c. reactive sputtering...

Authors: Gil Soo Park, Ji Hyuk Yu, Sang Won Seo, Woo Beom Choi, Kyeong Kap Paek, Man Young Sung, Heung Woo Park, Sang Kyeong Yun, Byeong Kwon Ju

Abstract: Thermocompression bonding of electroplated gold is a promising technique for achieving low temperature, wafer level hermetic bonding...

Authors: Ouk Sub Lee, Man Jae Hur, Jai Sug Hawong, No Hoon Myoung, Dong Hyeok Kim

Abstract: The differences in the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) between the chip and the FR-4 board generate the shear strains and the...

Authors: Sang Soon Lee

Abstract: This paper deals with the hygrothermal stress induced in a polymeric thin film deposited on Si wafer subjected to the combined influence of...

Authors: Je Wook Chae, Sung Bae Lee, Chan Lee, Hyun Jun Kim, Young Shin Lee

Abstract: This paper includes a study on the surface treatments of the barrel of small arms with an aim at improving resistance of corrosion and...

Authors: Young Sam Ham, Jai Sung Hong

Abstract: Railways are a mass transportation system with high safety and punctuality. These strengths have been well proved by tests and evaluations....

Authors: Jai Sung Hong, Young Sam Ham, Young Nam Paik, Kyung Yup Lee

Abstract: As there are many wear parts in the bogie of freight car, the cost of maintenance is high. Also there are many problems to change the wear...

Authors: Seung Se Baek, Il Hyun Kwon, Dong Whan Lee, Sung Mo Yang, Hyo Sun Yu

Abstract: Power plant weldments are composed of various microstructures. Due to welding and PWHT processes, the microstructure of the base metal...


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