Advances in Composite Materials and Structures

Volumes 334-335

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiao Ling Li, Yun Ye, Yong Fei Wang, Hong Xia Jing, Ya Kun Wang

Abstract: Ni-Zn ferrite is a kind of important magnetically soft material that has been used widely in medical signal deal and medical apparatus. So,...

Authors: Qiao Ling Li, Hong Xia Jing, Li Li Cui, Yun Ye, Ya Kun Wang

Abstract: Nanometer level α-Fe2O3 is a sort of important nanometer material, which can be used comprehensive in the field of catalysis, ultraviolet...

Authors: C. Nah, S.K. Kwak, N. Kim, M.Y. Lyu, B.S. Hwang, B. Akle, D.J. Leo

Abstract: A new attempt is made for application of the NafionTM nanofiber mat prepared by the electrospinning process to solve the main disadvantage...

Authors: Jin Han Jeon, Il Kwon Oh, Jae Hung Han, Sun Woo Lee

Abstract: The ionic-polymer-metal-composite actuators can easily actualize the bio-mimetic fish-like locomotion owing to their best merit for large...

Authors: Il Kwon Oh, Won Gul Whang, Dong Hyun Kim, In Lee

Abstract: In this study, the stabilization of thermoelastic unstable postbuckling in cylindrical piezolaminated panels was investigated by applying...

Authors: Tadahito Mizutani, Takafumi Nishi, Nobuo Takeda

Abstract: Although demand for composite structures rapidly increase due to the advantages in weight, there are few effective assessment techniques to...

Authors: Anthony Kelly

Abstract: A description is given of a possible solution of an important practical problem in microelectronics, namely producing a material of thermal...

Authors: Y.J. Wu, H. Zhang, J.G. Wan, S.F. Zhao, J.M. Liu, Guang Hou Wang

Abstract: In this work, we report the magnetoelectric HoMnO3-BaTiO3 composites prepared by the solid-state reaction method. X-ray diffraction and...

Authors: Zi Yi Zong, Xi Jiang Yin, Li Fang Lew, Soo Yee Tan

Abstract: In this study, TiO2 was successfully coated on Stober silica beads followed by depositing Au nanoparticles on this core-shell structure....

Authors: H. Zheng, Jun Shi, B.Z. Hu, Yi He Zhang, Shu Ping Liang, Mei Long

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