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Authors: Yun Ju Yan, Huan Guo Chen, Jie Sheng Jiang
Abstract:Sensor data are the basis for health assessment of complex structural systems. Careful selection and logical layout of sensors is critical...
Authors: Wan Ping Chen, Hu Yong Tian, J.Q. Qi, Y. Wang, Z.J. Shen, X.F. Ruan, Helen Lai Wah Chan
Authors: H.C. Yeo, N. Guo, W.M. Huang, H. Du, X.M. Jian
Abstract:The quality of the interfaces in multilayer composites is a critical issue in the reliability testing of the composite product during the...
Authors: Yu Sheng Ding, Shao Ming Dong, Qing Zhou, Dong Liang Jiang
Abstract:Continuous carbon fiber-reinforced silicon carbide (Cf/SiC) composite was fabricated by hot-pressing, via liquid phase sintering. Sintering...
Authors: Hui Qing Fan, Xiu Li Chen
Abstract:Relaxor-based lead-lanthanum-zirconate-titanate (PLZT) thick films were prepared on Ti substrates by a simplified hydrothermal method, in...
Authors: Jie Zhang, Hui Qing Fan, Sha Ming Ke, Yun Ze Shi, Xian Hua Zeng, Mei Tian Bi, Hai Tao Huang
Abstract:The fabrication processing, dielectric properties and thermal properties of polymer-matrix composites containing AlN particles (10μm) for...
Authors: Jiu Jun Xu, Xiao Yin Cheng, Kun Dong, Yu Qing Sun
Authors: Yu Hong Qi, Z.P. Zhang, D.L. Liu, Z.K. Hei
Abstract:Microstructure and mechanical properties of 20% Al-Cu-Cr/Al composites synthesized by hot-pressing technique after annealing, quenching and...
Authors: Yi He Zhang, J.H. Xin, W.A. Daoud, Xiang Yang Hao
Abstract:Silica nanoparticles and silica/titania hybrid nanocomposites were synthesized by sol-gel processes, and padded on cotton fabric. The sizes...
Authors: Yi He Zhang, Yau Shan Szeto, Shao Jian Ke, Wei Tan, Li Bing Liao
Abstract:In recent years, chitosan/inorganic composites have attracted increasing attention due to its fascinating properties and potential...
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