Advances in Composite Materials and Structures

Volumes 334-335

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tao Li, Yan Hong Chen, Jan Ma, F.Y.C. Boey

Abstract: Rotary and linear ultrasonic motors were developed in the present paper using metal-PZT composite piezoelectric stator transducer...

Authors: Yan Hong Chen, Tao Li, Jan Ma, F.Y.C. Boey

Abstract: In the present work, the FGM monomorph actuator was developed and applied in the impedance pump. The actuator was fabricated using...

Authors: H.C. Yeo, N. Guo, H. Du, M. Chen

Abstract: Piezoelectric bimorphs were assessed for their capabilities to be used as control actuators for vibration suppression of the print circuit...

Authors: Chang Sheng Zhu

Abstract: The response time of a rotor system on a magnetorheological(MR) fluid squeeze film damper was measured experimentally. The effects of...

Authors: Chang Sheng Zhu

Abstract: The controllability of a magnetorheological(MR) fluid squeeze film damper under a sinusoidal magnetic field was experimentally studied on a...

Authors: Akira Shimamoto, Yasubumi Furuya, Hiroyuki Abe

Abstract: In this paper, the TiNi fiber reinforced / Polycarbonate(PC) composite material is developed, and its properties is studied. Conducting...

Authors: Jin Xi Liu, X.F. Zhao, Ai Kah Soh

Abstract: The propagation of shear horizontal (SH) wave is studied in a tri-material composed of a piezomagnetic layer and two semi-infinite...

Authors: Angkhana Jaroenworaluck, Weeraw Sunsaneeyametha, Ron Stevens

Abstract: Recently, zirconia has been considered as a suitable material for surface coating nanosized TiO2 for use as an electrode in a solar cell...

Authors: R.C.K. Leung, Alan Kin Tak Lau, S.F. Yu

Abstract: Aerodynamic surfaces for subsonic flight vehicles are usually designed primarily with the cruise condition in mind. With this objective in...

Authors: Chris R. Bowen, A.I.T. Salo, R. Butler, E. Chang, H.A. Kim

Abstract: Unsymmetrical carbon fibre/epoxy composites with bonded piezoelectric fibre actuators were investigated as a means to shape change, or...


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