Advances in Composite Materials and Structures

Volumes 334-335

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kuen Cheong Chan, Li Min Zhou

Abstract: A numerical study of the static behaviours of composite strip with bifurcated type shape memory alloy pins has been conducted. The case of...

Authors: Masahiro Funabashi, Yoshifumi Inuzuka, Masao Kunioka

Abstract: Polymer composite samples consisting of L-Lactic acid (LA) was reacted by ring-opening polymerization with aluminum triflate as a catalyst,...

Authors: Hoi Yan Cheung, Alan Kin Tak Lau

Abstract: There has been a concern over many years on the usage of existing metallic and ceramicbased biomaterials for implant design and development...

Authors: Zong Wei Niu, Li Li

Abstract: Effect of whisker orientation on mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite-SiCw composite bioceramics was studied in this paper. Experiment...

Authors: Frédéric Couet, Navneeta Rajan, Simone Vesentini, D. Mantovani

Abstract: One of the merging methods to produce tissue-engineered vascular substitutes is to process scaffolds to direct the regeneration of vascular...

Authors: Jung Hwa Hong, Young Hwan Park, Sang Ok Ko

Abstract: Osseointegration (OI) could be described as the modality for stable fixation of titanium implant to bone structure. The OI has become a...

Authors: Bin Zhang, Xiao Li Huang, Lei Ren, Qi Qing Zhang, Mei Chee Tan, Gan Moog Chow

Abstract: We successfully synthesized near infrared (NIR) sensitive Au(shell)-Au2S(core) nanoparticles, where Au2S dielectric core was encapsulated...

Authors: Klaus Friedrich, Juergen Hoffmann, Mihail Evstatiev, Lin Ye, Yiu Wing Mai

Abstract: In contrast to the classical composites, microfibrillar reinforced composites are not prepared via melt blending of the matrix and the...

Authors: Dong Lin Zhao, Hong Ye Zhao, Xian Wei Zeng, Qi Sheng Xia, Jin Tian Tang
Authors: Dong Lin Zhao, Xian Wei Zeng, Qi Sheng Xia, Jin Tian Tang

Abstract: The magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticles were prepared by coprecipitation of Fe3+ and Fe2+ with aqueous NaOH solution. The Fe3O4/polyaniline...


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