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Authors: Hyun Jung Park, Vikram V. Dabhade, Kyung Ja Kim, Soo Ryong Kim, Woo Teck Kwon, Y. Kim
Abstract:Rod shaped nanocrystalline powders of hydroxyapatite (HAp) were synthesized by a low temperature chemical route involving calcium nitrate...
Authors: Sun Hyo Park, In Young Ryu, Dae Joon Kim, Won Jun Lee, Jung Suk Han, Myung Hyun Lee
Abstract:Nanosized hydroxyapatite(HAp) was synthesized hydrothermally and influence of processing parameters, such as reaction temperature and time,...
Authors: Yong Sik Chung, Wan Jin Kim, Pyong Ki Pak, Won Seok Lyoo, Se Chul Lee, Sung Gwon Kang
Authors: Dong Ki Yoo, Seong Joo Heo, Jai Young Koak, Seong Kyun Kim, Young Jun Lim, Sung Hun Kim, Chong Hyun Han
Abstract:Various studies recommend that threaded type implants should be used to maximize initial contact, improve initial stability, enlarge implant...
Authors: Nadia Poilane, Madoka Takai, Kazuhiko Ishihara
Abstract:Plastic substrates were modified with 2-methacryoyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine (MPC) copolymer brushes by surface-initiated atom transfer...
Authors: Eun Mi Choi, Sang Bae Lee, Young Il Oh, Ju Hye Lee, Shin Kyu Choi, Myung Hwan Oh, Kwang Mahn Kim
Abstract:The 2% NaF and 8% SnF2 have been used in topical fluoridation method in the dental office to increase the resistance of enamel to acid...
Authors: Hae Jun Park, Hwa Jung Kim, Sung Ho Kim, Seong Dae Oh, Seong Ho Choi
Abstract:The hybrid Silver(Ag) nanoparticles were synthesized by gamma-irradiation, and characterized by field-emission transmittance electron...
Authors: Yu Bong Kang, T. Oida, Duk Young Jung, A. Fukuma, T. Azuma, J. Okamoto, O. Takizawa, T. Matsuda, Sadami Tsutsumi
Abstract:In order to evaluate the mechanical properties of the human skeletal muscles, the elasticity and viscosity of the human calf muscles were...
Authors: Mi Hee Lee, Yeon I Woo, In Seop Lee, Jeong Koo Kim, Jong Chul Park
Abstract:Tissue-engineering must be either manufactured aseptically or sterilized after processing. To extend protection of medical devices against...
Authors: Sung Ki Min, Jung Hwa Hong, Sang Ok Ko
Abstract:Osseointegration (OI) could be described as the modality for stable fixation of titanium implant to bone structure. The OI has become a...
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