Advanced Biomaterials VII

Volumes 342-343

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sun Yeon Lee, Sung Soo Kim

Abstract: Bone cements incorporated with montmorillonite (MMT) were prepared in an attempt to improve their mechanical properties. The cements were...

Authors: K. Styan, M. Abrahamian, E. Hume, L.A. Poole-Warren

Abstract: Thermoplastic polyurethanes are versatile polymers much used for biomedical applications due to their mechanical properties and...

Authors: B. Guo, B. Li, Xin Long Wang, L. Tang, Q.Y. Chen, Xing Dong Zhang

Abstract: The effect of different hydroxyapatite particles on malignant melanoma cell was evaluated in vitro. Two kinds of short-rode hydroxyapatite...

Authors: Mi Sook Kim, Yoon Jeong Choi, Gun Woo Kim, In Sup Noh, Yong Doo Park, Kyu Back Lee, In Sook Kim, Soon Jung Hwang

Abstract: In vitro cell behaviors of calvarial osteoblasts (MC3T3) were evaluated by seeding them on both the surface and inside of in situ...

Authors: Yao Wu, Bang Cheng Yang, Zhong Wei Gu, Xing Dong Zhang

Abstract: The achievement of biological sealing is determined by the quality of the skin attachment on the surface of the percutaneous implant in the...

Authors: Choong Ho Choi, B.I. Kim, H.K. Kwon, Suck Jin Hong

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of Galla Rhois, Psoralea corylifolia, Camellia sinensis, Salvia miltiorrhiza and...

Authors: Mizuna Kimura, Tomohiro Konno, Madoka Takai, Noriyuki Ishiyama, Toru Moro, Kazuhiko Ishihara

Abstract: We investigated phospholipid polymer hydrogels containing Fe3+ ions (PMA/PMB/Fe hydrogel) for their use as antiadhesive materials in the...

Authors: Han Hee Cho, Kazuaki Matsumura, Naoki Nakajima, Dong Wook Han, Sadami Tsutsumi, Suong Hyu Hyon

Abstract: Stabilization of the fibrous protein collagen is important in biomedical applications. This study investigated the efficacy of degradation...

Authors: Tomomi Ito, Tomohiro Konno, Madoka Takai, Kazuhiko Ishihara

Abstract: We investigated the bioconjugation of proteins on polymer nanoparticles covered with bio-inert phosphorylcholine groups....

Authors: James Sibarani, Tomohiro Konno, Madoka Takai, Kazuhiko Ishihara

Abstract: Non-biofouling surfaces with polymer-based substrate were prepared for manufacturing microfluidic devices. It was done by constructing...


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