Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VI

Volumes 348-349

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Young Sang Cho

Abstract: A NDT test, spectral analysis of surface wave (SASW) method, is a relatively new technique for examining the structural integrity of...

Authors: Xiao Yong Wang, Han Seung Lee, Hai Moon Jung

Abstract: Chloride penetration into concrete is the main cause of steel corrosion in concrete structures exposed to chloride-rich environments. In...

Authors: Kianoush Molla-Abbasi, Henning Schütte

Abstract: Damage of materials is a progressive physical process through which the macroscopic properties of the material changes and it might end...

Authors: Young Sang Cho, Lin Xia, Seong Uk Hong, Seong B. Kim, Jun S. Bae

Abstract: Structural optimization is widely adopted in the design of structures with the development of computer aided design (CAD) and the...

Authors: Charles O. Woghiren, F.P. Brennan

Abstract: This paper reports a parametric stress analysis of various configurations of rack plate stiffened multi-planar welded KK joints using the...

Authors: M. Zappalorto, Filippo Berto, Paolo Lazzarin

Abstract: A recent approach based on the local strain energy density (SED) averaged over a given control volume is applied to well documented...

Authors: Dong Seok Kim, Han Seung Lee, Seong Min Lee, Xiao Yong Wang

Abstract: Chloride attacks concrete structures becoming a primary factor that deteriorates the durability of concrete structures. For this reason,...

Authors: Ki Bong Park, Han Seung Lee, Xiao Yong Wang, Seung Min Lim

Abstract: This paper describes a numerical method for estimating the elastic modulus of cement paste. The cement paste is modeled as a unit cell,...

Authors: Joh Yeong Yoo, Han Seung Lee, Sung Ho Tae, Moon Byung Chul

Abstract: As concrete is a type of porous materials, water or air freely permeates concrete. Therefore the durability of concrete decreases. However,...

Authors: Imke Weich, Thomas Ummenhofer

Abstract: Research has been initiated on the effects of high frequency peening methods on the fatigue strength. These methods combine an improvement...


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