Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VI

Volumes 348-349

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min You, Shan Yu, Hai Zhou Yu, Zhi Li, Wen Jun Liu

Abstract: The effect of the preformed deflection angle in the lap zone on the failure mode and the stresses distribution in the single-lap joint made...

Authors: Jorge A. Avila, Alejandro Angeles

Abstract: The inelastic behavior of a 17 level reinforced concrete building, for two structural models, is studied: reinforced concrete frames only...

Authors: Yu Feng Zheng, Yan Bo Wang

Abstract: The phase constitution, mechanical properties, and corrosion behavior of TiMoSn alloys were investigated by means of XRD, tensile test,...

Authors: Wouter de Corte, Philippe Van Bogaert

Abstract: Although the use of fracture mechanics based techniques in the evaluation of fatigue resistance in civil engineering has expanded steadily,...

Authors: Tao Xie, Yan Jun Qiu, Ze Zhong Jiang, Bo Lan

Abstract: Various asphalt pavement distresses, such as longitudinal cracking, thermal (transverse) cracking, and reflective cracking, are directly...

Authors: Jia Zhen Zhang, Xiao Dong He, Shan Yi Du

Abstract: In-situ SEM observations have revealed that fatigue crack propagation in aluminium alloys is caused by the shear band decohesion around the...

Authors: Justus Medgenberg, Thomas Ummenhofer

Abstract: The paper presents background information and experimental results regarding the assessment of fatigue damage in welded steel structures by...

Authors: Francesco Caputo, Giuseppe Lamanna, Alessandro Soprano

Abstract: The objective of robust design is to optimize the mean of a given target variable and to minimize the variability that results from...

Authors: Chang Fa Ai, Yan Jun Qiu, Tao Xie, Bo Lan

Abstract: Cracking is one of the major distress types of asphalt pavements. Expected life of pavements, pavement condition and maintenance cost are...

Authors: Dao Ying Xi, Song Lin Xu, Yun Du, Ting Li, Xin Lin Wan

Abstract: The rock is assumed to be assembled by a great number of HMUs. The number of HMUs responding to external force is uncertain, which leads to...


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