Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VI

Volumes 348-349

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peter Horst

Abstract: Multiple Site Damage (MSD) is a typical problem of aging aircraft structures. On the other hand a similar situation may occur, if damages...

Authors: Xin Yan Tang

Abstract: Using single crack solution and regular plane harmonic function, the Saint-Venant bending problem of a cracked cylinder with general cross...

Authors: Dong Fu Zhao, Qui Ying Chang, Jian Hui Yang, Yu Pu Song

Abstract: Based on the S-N relationship and statistical property of concrete static strength, a function of fatigue life of concrete,1 (a − blog N) ,...

Authors: Ion Dumitru, Liviu Marsavina, Nicolae Faur, I. Hajdu

Abstract: Many components from industry are subjected to repeated impacts, or in some cases these impacts can appear as additional loads. Repeated...

Authors: Pedro Miguel Guimarães Pires Moreira, A.M.P. de Jesus, A.S. Ribeiro, Paulo Manuel Salgado Tavares de Castro

Abstract: A study on the fatigue behaviour of friction stir butt welds of 3mm thick 6082-T6 aluminium alloy was carried out. Monotonic tensile and...

Authors: Zong Quan Ying, Cheng Bin Du, Li Guo Sun

Abstract: A numerical method from the mesoscopic point of view is proposed to describe the fracture process of concrete. At mesoscopic level,...

Authors: Vitoon Uthaisangsuk, Ulrich Prahl, Wolfgang Bleck

Abstract: Due to the coexistence of different micro structural components and their interactions, multiphase steels offer an excellent combination...

Authors: Wang Xiang, Guo Bing Ying

Abstract: TiCp/ZA-12 composites have been fabricated by XDTM method and stirring-casting techniques. Microstructure of the composites has been...

Authors: Jun Shen, M.L. Zhang, D.Y. Hou

Abstract: A new approach for progressive failure and reliability analysis of carbon fiber reinforced polymeric (CFRP) composite pressure vessel with...

Authors: Erasmo Viola, Paolo Bocchini

Abstract: The topic of this paper lies in the field of non-destructive parametric identification. Its objective is to evaluate the mechanical...


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