Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XIV

Volumes 359-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Bo Yang, Jiu Hua Xu, Yu Can Fu, Hong Jun Xu

Abstract: Brazing diamond grits onto steel substrate using a Ni-based filler alloy was carried out by laser beam in an argon atmosphere. The...

Authors: Qiu Lian Dai, Can Bin Luo, Cui Jiao Liao

Abstract: In this paper, two metal-bonded diamond wheels with different porosity were fabricated. The porosity of diamond wheel without additives of...

Authors: Bo Jiang Ma, Yu Can Fu, Wen Feng Ding, Wei Gao, Hong Jun Xu

Abstract: The Ti-coated diamond and the uncoated diamond were brazed with Ni-based filler alloy by high-frequency induction under argon atmosphere at...

Authors: Guo Qing Zhang, Hui Huang, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: Plenty of studies on wear mechanism of diamond grains show that the specific failure form of single diamond grit has a close relationship...

Authors: Mei Wei Chen, Ju Long Yuan, Yi Yang, Dong Qiang Yu

Abstract: The bond in a grinding wheel cements the abrasive grains together, Among other factors, the bond plays a predominant part in the grinding...

Authors: Bing Suo Pan, Yang Yang

Abstract: To increase the manufacture efficiency of electroplated diamond tools, a nickel plating solution containing ammonium sulphate and sodium...

Authors: Yi Qing Yu, Xiao Rui Tie, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: The present study was undertaken to compare the hardness and transverse rupture strength (TRS) of metal-based tooling composites containing...

Authors: Shan Shan Hu, Ying Ning Hu, Cheng Yong Wang, Chang Xiong Chen

Abstract: Finite element mode analysis and structure optimization of several multitude holes structure diamond saw blades are conducted to study...

Authors: Dao Hui Xiang, Ming Chen, Fang Hong Sun

Abstract: Large advancements have been achieved in understanding nucleation and growth of CVD diamond, but adhesion of diamond film to substrates is...

Authors: Zhong Ming Cui, Deng Jie Zhu, Lei Du

Abstract: Ceramic is difficult to cut with normal machining method in precision intricate profile. The grinding process with diamond abrasive wheel...


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