Bioceramics 20

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sabine Begand, Thomas Oberbach, Wilfried Glien

Abstract: The aim of the examinations was to produce various dispersion ceramics in the range of 0 -100% Al2O3, and to determine the strengths and...

Authors: Sabine Begand, Thomas Oberbach, Wilfried Glien, J. Schneider

Abstract: Alumina and zirconia ceramics have been successfully used as materials for joint endoprostheses. The present study has been aimed at...

Authors: Junji Ikeda, Megumi Mabuchi, Takefumi Nakanishi, Fumiaki Miyaji, Masaru Ueno, Giuseppe Pezzotti

Abstract: As for zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA) with various ratios of alumina/zirconia, crystal and micro structures, fracture toughness and phase...

Authors: Thomas Oberbach, Sabine Begand, Wilfried Glien, Christian Kaddick

Abstract: Wear of hip implants is a significant problem for the life expectancy of artificial joints. By using alumina ceramic on ceramic couplings...

Authors: Nere Garmendia, Leire Bilbao, Roberto Muñoz, L. Goikoetxea, Ainara García, Izaskun Bustero, Beatriz Olalde, Nerea Garagorri, Isabel Obieta

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes could avoid the crack propagation and enhance the toughness of the ceramic material used for prostheses applications. So...

Authors: Seiji Ban, Hideo Sato, Y. Suehiro, H. Nakanishi, Masahiro Nawa

Abstract: The effect of sintering condition, sandblasting and heat treatment on biaxial flexure strengths of the zirconia/ alumina nanocomposite...

Authors: Kiyotaka Yamada, Giuseppe Pezzotti

Abstract: Alumina matrix composite (AMC) has been widely used for artificial hip and knee joints because of its phase stability in human body and its...

Authors: Sabina Beranič Klopčič, Irena Pribošič, Tomaž Kosmač, Ute Ploska, Georg Berger

Abstract: The reactivity of CaTi4(PO4)6 (CTP) with alumina and yttria-stabilized zirconia (Y-TZP) ceramics was studied. CTP powder was synthesized...

Authors: Laurent Gremillard, Jérôme Chevalier

Abstract: Ceramics have been increasingly used in orthopaedics during the last 30 years. Their biological inertness, high hardness and good...

Authors: Melis Arin, Jef Vleugels, Kim Vanmeensel, Gultekin Goller

Abstract: Fully dense ZrO2-TiN composites containing 1.75-2 mol %Y2O3, 1 mol% Y2O3 and 1 mol% Nd2O3 stabilizers, small amounts of Al2O3, and...


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