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Authors: T. Watanabe, Kimitoshi Ando, T. Ito, Naritaka Kitamura, Kazuhiko Nakata, Shozo Tsuruta, Tatsushi Kawai, Hiroshi Nakamura
Abstract:There is little information concerning the physical properties of various commercialized water-based temporary filling materials. In this...
Authors: Ayami Nakamura, Harumasa Wanibe, Akihiro Iwama, Naritaka Kitamura, Naoki Shibata, Kazuhiko Nakata, Shozo Tsuruta, Tatsushi Kawai, Hiroshi Nakamura
Abstract:Titanium oxide (TiO2) has lately attracted considerable attention as a new material in dentistry because of its catalytic activity and...
Authors: Y. Herr, J.A. Woo, Y.H. Kwon, J.B. Park, S.J. Heo, J.H. Chung
Abstract:The increased surface roughness of dental implants has shown enhanced integration of bone tissues to implant surfaces, but may be...
Authors: Y. Herr, S.H. An, Y.H. Kwon, J.B. Park, J.H. Chung
Abstract:The purpose of treatment for peri-implantitis is to achieve structural and functional restoration of the lost supporting tissues around...
Authors: Myung Hyun Lee, Han Shin Choi, K.S. Oh, Y.K. Kim, H.B. Yim, Deuk Yong Lee, Nam Sik Oh
Abstract:In Vitro Bond strength of base-coated (Y, Fe)-TZPs (yttria and iron co-doped tetragonal zirconia polycrystals) were investigated to evaluate...
Authors: Y.W. Hong, J.H. Kim, B.H. Lee, Yong Keun Lee, B.J. Choi, Jae Hoon Lee, H.J. Choi
Abstract:This study aimed to evaluate the anticariogenic and remineralization effects of the glass ionomer dental luting cement containing nano-β-TCP...
Authors: K.K. Choi, S.M. Choi, Sang Jin Park, J.R. Kim
Authors: J.R. Kim, M.R. Jung, Sang Jin Park, K.K. Choi
Abstract:The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of different etching times on microtensile bond strength(μTBS) to dentin both initial...
Authors: Leif Hermansson, Lars Kraft, Karin Lindqvist, Nils Otto Ahnfelt, Hakan Engqvist
Abstract:Flexural strength of a dental material reflects its ability to withstand tensile stresses and thus the fracture risk of a filling. The...
Authors: M. Al-Jawad, L.M. Simmons, Axel Steuwer, S.H. Kilcoyne, R.C. Shore, R. Cywinski, David J. Wood
Abstract:We have used synchrotron x-ray diffraction to study the crystal orientation in human dental enamel as a function of position within intact...
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