Bioceramics 20

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: W. Yuan, Xue Qiong Yin, W.P. Tu, Qiang Lin, Y. Cao

Abstract: Chitosan pyruvic acid derivatives was successfully prepared from chitosan and pyruvic acid under reducing conditions, via aldimine...

Authors: Emmerson M. Reis, Wander L. Vasconcelos, Herman S. Mansur, Marivalda Pereira

Abstract: A variety of types of organic polymers have been employed in the synthesis of hybrids with silica. In this work the sol-gel method was used...

Authors: Christiane Ribeiro, José Carlos Bressiani, Ana Helena A. Bressiani

Abstract: In many in-vivo and in vitro studies, the behavior of calcium phosphate ceramics like β - tricalcium phosphate in biological environments...

Authors: Hanae Wakae, Akari Takeuchi, Shigeki Matsuya, Melvin L. Munar, Masaharu Nakagawa, Koh-ichi Udoh, Akihiko Nakashima, Ishikawa Kunio

Abstract: We have previously reported that the carbonate apatite (CAP) foam that has similarities in both inorganic chemical composition and...

Authors: U. Ripamonti, P.W. Richter, R.W.N. Nilen, L.N. Ramoshebi, L. Renton, M. Heliotis

Abstract: Long-term studies in the non-human primate Papio ursinus were set to investigate the induction of bone formation in biphasic hydroxyapatite...

Authors: Serena Best, Shuo Zou, Roger A. Brooks, Jie Huang, Neil Rushton, William Bonfield

Abstract: Dense and porous HA and Si-HA discs and granules with varying percentages of silicon substitution have been produced and physically and...

Authors: Koji Ioku, Masanobu Kamitakahara, Giichiro Kawachi, Yoshinori Gonda, Takatoshi Okuda, Ikuho Yonezawa, Hisashi Kurosawa, Tohru Ikeda

Abstract: Porous materials of β-tricalcium phosphate (β-Ca3(PO4)2; β-TCP) were prepared from porous hydroxyapatite (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2; HA) with calcium...

Authors: Osamu Suzuki, Shinji Kamakura, Takahisa Anada

Abstract: The present study was designed to investigate the mechanism of in vivo conversion from synthetic octacalcium phosphate (OCP) into...

Authors: Noriko Kotobuki, Motohiro Hirose, Koji Ioku, Akira Sakaguchi, Akifumi Iwama, Masaki Harada, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Hajime Ohgushi

Abstract: Since 2001, we have clinically utilized human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for bone regeneration. The osteogenic...

Authors: Barbara Bracci, Milena Fini, Silvia Panzavolta, Paola Torricelli, Adriana Bigi

Abstract: We recently developed a new biomimetic calcium phosphate bone cement enriched with gelatin (GEL-CP) which exhibits improved mechanical...


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