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Authors: Yan Li Du, Hui Min Yan, Xiu Da Zhang
Abstract:The accurate thickness measurement of Ultra-thin rolling metallic foil has an important role in industrial or some special applications....
Authors: Tae Il Seo, Dong Woo Kim, Myeong Woo Cho, Eung Sug Lee
Abstract:Recently, the trends of industrial products move towards more miniaturization, variety and mass production. Micro drilling which take high...
Authors: Zi Qiang Yin, Suet To, Ling Bao Kong
Abstract:novel time-domain error separation method which can reconstruct straightness profile of workpiece exactly for on-machine measurement has...
Authors: Qing Liang Zhao, Ekkard Brinksmeier, Otmann Riemer, Kai Rickens
Abstract:In order to realize ductile machining of optical glasses using mono-layer nickel electroplated coarse-grained diamond grinding wheel, a...
Authors: Gui Lin Wang, Yi Fan Dai, Sheng Yi Li
Abstract:In order to keep the stability of tool’s removal function, it is required that the anastomosis be tight between the tool and workpiece...
Authors: Yuan Chuan Hsu, Tung Sheng Yang
Abstract:The shearing processes such as the blanking and piercing of sheet metals have been often used to prepare workpiece for subsequent forming...
Authors: Wen Hsiang Hsieh
Abstract:The work aims to present a novel press system, and to investigate its feasibility by performing a kinematic study. Firstly, the new design...
Authors: Choung Lii Chao, Chun Chieh Chen, Chia Jong Chang, Han Shan Dong, Kung Jeng Ma, Wei Yao Hsu, Kuo Cheng Huang, Chung Woei Chao
Abstract:Stainless steel and other ferrous metals are normally classified as not diamond turnable for the unacceptable tool wear caused by the...
Authors: Chia Jen Ting, Hung Yin Tsai, Chang Pin Chou
Abstract:Many research works have been focusing on nanoimprint technology due to the recent potential mass production for the nanostructure...
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