Surface Engineering

Volumes 373-374

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bai Yang Lou, Bing Xu, Y.B. Zhou, W.J. Bai, H.L. Du

Abstract: The high-energy laser melts the cladding materials which coagulate onto the surface of the base materials. The laser cladding coatings are...

Authors: Yang Li, Liang Wang

Abstract: This paper presents some results of plasma oxidizing of Al alloys. The oxidation of aluminium alloys was carried out in the mid-frequency...

Authors: Xin Yu Tan, Zhong Long Wang, Mao Feng, Yine Zhou

Abstract: A numerical simulation is proposed to study the dynamics expansion characteristics during the material irradiated by a high-intensity laser...

Authors: Y. Zhao, Li Lin, X.M. Li, M.K. Lei

Abstract: Ultrasonic phase spectrum of reflection coefficient has been used to nondestructively characterize the density, porosity, and microcracks...

Authors: Y.J. Liu, Y.S. Wang, Xi Chen Yang

Abstract: In order to improve the wear resistance of the surface of thick copperplate, a coating of alloy powder is produced on the surface of the...

Authors: Zhi Hai Cai, Ping Zhang, Jia Wu He, Jun Jun Zhao, Jun Tan

Abstract: In this paper, boron films were deposited on W6Mo5Cr4V2 high speed steel (HSS) via ion beam sputtering of boron target and implanted with...

Authors: Sheng Zhu, Fan Jun Meng, De Ma Ba

Abstract: A remanufacturing system based on robot MAG surfacing has been developed recently. In this paper, the work principle, functions and...

Authors: Zhuang Ma, Ying Hong Li, Cheng Wang

Abstract: Compressor rotor blade is one of the critical parts of aero-engine. Because of the complex structure and bad work environment, it often...

Authors: Wen Ji Xu, J.B. Meng, Jian Cheng Fang, Xu Yue Wang

Abstract: According to analyzing the principle of atmospheric pressure plasma arc (APPA) cleaning metal surface, a model of heat and mass transfer is...

Authors: Jun Li, Wen Ge Li, Guang Jun Zhang

Abstract: The preparation and characterization of a nickel-based composite coating reinforced by TiB2 particles produced in situ and WC particles on...


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