Surface Engineering

Volumes 373-374

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Zhou Gao, T.N. Wang, Z.W. Yu, Hui Chen Zhang

Abstract: Cavitaion erosion behavior of cast iron in water and in mixed solution of 50% H2O+50% C2H6O2 with different temperature and distance...

Authors: J.Z. Hu, Shi Ning Ma, X.R. Chen

Abstract: A new Copper-base SHS welding material was developed to meet the demand of the welding mend about metal parts in field. The structure and...

Authors: Hong Guo, Zuo Min Liu

Abstract: Nano-scale BN-C-silicone oil composite colloid was prepared in a planetary ball mill by using wet grinding techniques. Frictional...

Authors: Jun Quan Liu, Run Feng Zhao, Neng B. Li

Abstract: Two different surface treatments were adopted to form the film layers whose equivalent circuits were simulated by electrochemical impedance...

Authors: Lin Li, Long Chen

Abstract: In recent years, surface engineering technology has developed rapidly in China and has its unique position in government science and...

Authors: Bin Zhang, Bin Shi Xu, Shi Yun Dong, Bin Wu

Abstract: Nanoparticle reinforced nickel matrix composite coating, n-Al2O3/Ni, was prepared by manual brush-plating and auto brush-plating...

Authors: Jin Ping Yuan, Ping Zhang, Zhi Jie Liang, Lei Sun

Abstract: Three kinds of coatings had been prepared on the surface of 45CrNi steel plates using laser cladded technique by adding Mo and CeO2 into...

Authors: Qi Huang, Zhi Jie Liang, Feng Kuan Xie

Abstract: The new paint of environment-friendly was fabricated that TDE-85 and other materials incorporation into epoxy resin enhanced tenacity,...

Authors: Xin Hua Wang, Si Wei Zhang, De Guo Wang

Abstract: In order to improve resisting performance of heat, wear and erosion as well as anti-thermal fatigue, surface build-up welding material of...

Authors: Jian Hua Du, Gui Min Liu, Wen Zheng Han

Abstract: Research on the simulation and calculation of the temperature field of friction plate in brake is one of the main references for...


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