Surface Engineering

Volumes 373-374

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: An Feng Zhang, Yu Yue Wang, Chang Jiu Li

Abstract: Two types of Ni-based coatings were deposited by high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) spraying process on ASTM 1020 low carbon steel substrate,...

Authors: Shi Cheng Wei, Bin Shi Xu, Hai Dou Wang, Guo Jin

Abstract: The exhaust pipe of a heavy duty vehicle, due to its harsh operating environment, is subject to corrosion caused by high temperature...

Authors: Yao Feng Zhang, Bo Qin Gu, Yi Ding

Abstract: Three kinds of coating materials, namely Al2O3, Al2O3(87%)-TiO2(13%), and Cr2O3(92%) -TiO2(3%)-SiO2(5%), were plasma sprayed on specimens...

Authors: Wen Song Lin, Shi Qiang Qian, Xu Wen Chen

Abstract: Ni-PTFE/SiO2 composite coatings were prepared by jet electrodeposition. The influences of the particles contents and jet velocity on the...

Authors: Min Wei Zhang, Cao Gao, Yue Xia Ding, Jie Tao, Tao Wang

Abstract: Now the oxidation-resistant glass-ceramic coatings have been widely used in reducing surface oxidation of Ti alloys during heat process. In...

Authors: J.Z. Hu, Shi Ning Ma, X.R. Chen

Abstract: A new novel cored wire for producing FeCrAl/WC intermetallic coating by arc spraying was developed. The erosion wastage at high temperature...

Authors: Rong Chang Zeng, Wolfgang Dietzel, Jun Chen, Wei Jiu Huang, Jun Wang

Abstract: As magnesium is an essential element for the human body, magnesium alloys are expected to be promising implant materials despite their...

Authors: Fan Xiao, Ren Guo Song, Akiyoshi Osaka

Abstract: The paper presents a simple chemical treatment to provide various non-metallic substrates such as polypropylene or polyethylene with in...

Authors: Hao Feng Zhao, Ling Wang, Jun Yi Su

Abstract: Nd, Ce and Pr in ER-magnets are very active and easy react with oxygen and other oxidizing substance [1]. So this paper deals with the...

Authors: H. Wang, M.K. Lei

Abstract: 1 mol% Er3+- and 0–10 mol% Y3+-codoped Al2O3 powders is prepared in a non-aqueous sol–gel method. Two crystalline types of doped Al2O3, ...


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