Surface Engineering

Volumes 373-374

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: B.S. Jin, Y.F. Jiao, G. Li

Abstract: Steel castings with a ceramic reinforced surface layer have been prepared by a casting process combined with self-propagation...

Authors: X.J. Wang, Dong Sheng Zhu, X.F. Li, Nan Wang

Abstract: In this paper, by measurement of zeta potential and particle size the surface modification of Cu nanoparticles in water was investigated at...

Authors: Sheng Zhu, Chao Li, Jian Hua Du, Wen Zheng Han

Abstract: The Cu-coated nano SiC composite particles were prepared by heterogeneous nucleation method. For the heterogeneous nucleation process, the...

Authors: Chun Xiu Zhang, Zhi Qun He, Jia Ling Pu, Jun Jie Wang, Yong Sheng Wang, Zhong Xiao Li, Shi Ye

Abstract: A novel discotic triphenylene derivative bearing one triphenylene discogen as core and three cyano-biphenyl moieties was synthesized and...

Authors: Fei He, Xiao Dong He, J.F. Li, Ming Wei Li, S.M. Zhang

Abstract: The unitary thermal insulation fiber materials can not satisfy rigorous high temperature environment usually. New inorganic coatings were...

Authors: Jun Ping Li, Wei Min Zhang, Jia Ling Pu

Abstract: This paper reported a novel method to measure photoinduced acid generation in polymer films, which were widely used in microlithography....

Authors: Shu Nan Qiao, Lu Hai Li, Wang Ming, Li Xin Mo

Abstract: To solve the gelatin gum arabic electronic ink microcapsules’ problems of thin shells, easy to break and poor mechanical properties, the...

Authors: J. Wang, Y.C. Hu, B. Qu, B.P. Wang, Z.Z. Gu

Abstract: Vertical deposition technique to fabricate thin film solid artificial opals is becoming widely used. In present work, we report on solvent...

Authors: Li Xin Mo, Lu Hai Li, Ya Ling Li, Zhong Xiao Li, Ming Wang

Abstract: To prepare the nano-scale silver carboxylate emulsions and investigate their applications in the preparation of nano-scale silver films,...

Authors: Xing Yuan Ni, Yang Li, Zhi Hua Zhang, Jun Shen, Bin Zhou, Guang Ming Wu

Abstract: Surface modification is a process in which Si-CH3 groups of trimethylchlorosilane (TMCS) replace -OH groups on the inner surface of SiO2...


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