Surface Engineering

Volumes 373-374

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Min Liu, Ya Ling Song, Li Li Ma, Feng Wang

Abstract: Ultrasonic vibration cutting experiments have been carried out for the machining of the plasma-sprayed Al2O3 coatings. The optimized value...

Authors: Jin Cheng Ding, Zeng Dian Zhao, Jie Lu, Yun Quan Sun

Abstract: By using SnSO4 water solution to activate global granular Zn powders of 325 screen mesh, Zn-Sn composite coverage is formed under the...

Authors: Dong Ying Ju, B. Han

Abstract: Water cavitation peening (WCP) with aeration is a novel surface enhancement method. A new ventilation nozzle with aeration is adopted to...

Authors: Gui Cheng Wang, Hong Jie Pei, Jin Yu Zhang, Chun Yan Zhang, Qin Feng Li

Abstract: Grind-hardening machining is not only a complex process coupling mechanical, dynamical and thermal effects, but a process containing...

Authors: Hong Bin Liu, Da Ping Wan, De Jin Hu

Abstract: To investigate the effect of micro-topography on the wear properties of the cold roller, rough surface was characterized with fractal...

Authors: Xu Dong Peng, S.E. Sheng, J.Y. Li, X.M. Pan, S.X. Bai

Abstract: A Reynolds equation is presented for the hydrodynamic pressure components between the two faces of a partially or fully laser surface...

Authors: Guang Chao Han, Ming Sun, Hai Ou Zhang, Gui Lan Wang

Abstract: In the rapid spray metal tooling, metal film is spray-formed on the substrate and supported under the back, which will act as the working...

Authors: Zhuang Fu, W.X. Yan, Y.Z. Zhao

Abstract: At present, adhesive coating is by far the most widely used technique in the space panel manufacturing. The automatic process level is...

Authors: Song Ling Wang, Zheng Ren Wu, Y.L. Cheng, M. Liu, D. Lu

Abstract: With the change of the relation between the Bond numbers and 1/3, the different control equations with different dispersion item for the...

Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: A new finish method uses an effective electrode connecting with a nonconductive grinding tool to execute the design of compound processes...


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