Surface Engineering

Volumes 373-374

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hong Li, Xiu Wen Wu, Jing Yang

Abstract: In this work, we encapsulated the titanium oxide particles with a layer of Al2O3 by a sol-gel process and investigated the UV-shielding...

Authors: Min Zheng, Ding Fan, Xiu Kun Li, Qi Bin Liu, Jian Bin Zhang

Abstract: Based on a high power CO2 laser beam passing by an integral mirror, the bioceramic coatings of gradient composition were designed and...

Authors: Yi Xin, Wei Zhang, Shu Zhang, Bin Shi Xu

Abstract: The surface configuration, the size and the shell thickness of the microcapsule were investigated. The average size and shell thickness...

Authors: Zhi You Zhong, Feng Lou Sun

Abstract: Surface modifications were performed on the tin-doped indium oxide (ITO) substrates for optoelectronic devices, using the different...

Authors: Ke Dong Song, Peng Fei Wen, Tian Qing Liu

Abstract: Initial attachment and spreading of the inoculated cells determines the long-time viability of cells onto biomedical scaffolds designed for...

Authors: Li Ge Wang, Guo Qing Li, Yuan Rong Hu, Wei Gou, Meng Shi

Abstract: WO3 and Ti-doped WO3 electrochromic films were prepared by mid-frequency dual-target magnetron sputtering method. X-ray diffraction (XRD),...

Authors: X.R. Chen, J.Z. Hu, Wen Zheng Han, Bin Shi Xu

Abstract: Vanadium oxide thin film which has a reversible semiconductor-metal phase transition has been obtained by reactive ion-beam sputtering and...

Authors: Wei Li, Liu Zhu Chen, Peng Sha Pang

Abstract: Owing to the excellent biocompatibility and corrosion-resistance of titanium and bioactivity of hydroxyapatite, the titanium/hydroxyapatite...

Authors: Yi Ruei Jhan, Ting Fang, Su Yueh Tsai, Jenq Gong Duh

Abstract: Recently, combination of ductile carbonaceous materials with the metallic Sn has received a great deal of interest to be a novel anode...

Authors: Sheng Qiang Fan, Chang Jiu Li, Guan Jun Yang, Jin Cheng Gao, Ling Zi Zhang, Cheng Xin Li, Yu Yue Wang

Abstract: TiCl4 treatment was used to chemically agglomerate TiO2 primary nano-particles to form a nanostructured powder in size of submicrometer....


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