Surface Engineering

Volumes 373-374

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ning Zhao, Jian Hui Wang, Hai Tao Ma, Lai Wang

Abstract: The microstructure evolution and the growth behavior of intermetallic compounds (IMCs) at Sn-xZn-2Cu/Cu (x=6.5, 8.8, 10 and 12, wt%)...

Authors: Zheng Jun Liu, Xie Bo Zeng

Abstract: Aiming at improving the impact wear-resistant performance of metals, a new sort of surfacing electrode named TKCE50 was developed in this...

Authors: Xiao Qiang Pan, Jian Jun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the mechanism, characteristics and categories about corrosion of offshore engineering equipments are investigated. Some of...

Authors: Rui Yan, Hang Wu, S.K. Yu, Shi Ning Ma, Bin Shi Xu

Abstract: Electrochemical corrosion behaviors of two common-used ship coatings——epoxy aluminum coating, chloride rubber iron red coating and their...

Authors: Zheng Jun Liu, Yun Hai Su, J.G. Sun

Abstract: Effects of shape and distribution of the hard phases (Fe, Cr)7C3 and Cr7C3 on wear resistance of Fe5 deposited metal obtained by plasma arc...

Authors: Xiao Qin Zhao, Jian Min Chen, Hui Di Zhou

Abstract: Nanostructured and conventional WC-Co coatings were deposited on 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel substrate using an atmospheric plasma spraying...

Authors: X.F. Sun, Yu Lin Qiao, Jia Wu He, Shi Ning Ma, C.H. Hu

Abstract: High temperature tribological behavior of nano-Al2O3 in different base oils were tested by a SRV multifunctional test system. The results...

Authors: Wen Gang Chen, Yu Zhou Gao, Hui Chen Zhang, Y.J. He

Abstract: Sliding experiments lubricated with hydroxyl silicate magnesium particles as additive were performed under ambient condition and different...

Authors: Hui Li, H.B. Xu, Jin Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, TiN coating was deposited onto the nitrided 32Cr2MoVA by multi arc ion plating and proceeded line contact fatigue experiment...

Authors: Yi Xu, He Long Yu, Bin Shi Xu, Xiao Li Wang, Qian Liu

Abstract: In the present work, surface-coated Cu nanoparticles with FCC structure and an average size of 40 nm were prepared by reducing reaction and...


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