Surface Engineering

Volumes 373-374

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Huang, Jian Zhong Zhou, Jian Jun Du, Yue Qing Sun, M.X. Ni

Abstract: In order to control surface microscopic quality of sheet metal after laser peen forming (LPF), visual numerical analyses for SUS304 plate...

Authors: Cun Long Liu, Yao Hui Lv, Bin Shi Xu, Dan Xia

Abstract: Surface of gear that works continuously tends to be wore. Hardfacing on worn gear can repair its worn surface, restore its precision,...

Authors: Hai Zhou, Fei Chen, Ying Ge Yang, Han Cheng Wan, Shuo Cai

Abstract: Ti ion and C ion is implanted into AZ31 magnesium alloy surface by metal vapor vacuum arc (MEVVA) implanter operating with a modified...

Authors: Bing Xu, Ren Guo Song, P.H. Tang, J. Wang, Guo Zhong Chai, Y.Z. Zhang, Z.Z. Ye

Abstract: The Ag nanoparticles colloid was prepared by pulsed laser ablation for different time in 10 ml distilled water without any surface active...

Authors: S.H. Gao, Y. Liu, M.K. Lei, Li Shi Wen

Abstract: Silicone rubber (SIR) samples are exposed to CF4 capacitively coupled plasma (CCP) and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) at radio frequency...

Authors: C.Y. Liu, L.Y. Yu, W. Tian, J.C. Tang

Abstract: To achieve sustainable development and to solve the question of resource recycling and environment protection, green remanufacturing should...

Authors: Li Lin, Y. Zhao, J. Chen, X.M. Li, M.K. Lei

Abstract: High-intensity pulsed ion beam (HIPIB) irradiation at 300 A/cm2 with a shot number of 1, and 5 was performed on the coatings and caused the...

Authors: Jian Jun Sun, Jian Feng Li, Zhen Dong Liu, Guo Qing Li

Abstract: Based on energy equation, a one-dimensional model was used for the evolution of the temperature distribution in the GaAs target bombarded...

Authors: Jia Zhi Yang, Zhong Yang Liu, Dong Wei Xu, Tian Jie Liu

Abstract: An electrical conducting copper coating on the glass substrate is deposited by means of wire exploding spray coating (WESC). The coating...

Authors: Wei Yu Ho, Hui Chu Chen, Chi Lung Chang, Da Yung Wang, Woei Yun Ho

Abstract: In this study, the CrN coating was first deposited on tool steels by cathodic arc evaporation technique and then this coating was subjected...


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