Bioceramics 21

Volumes 396-398

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Neusa Motta de Freitas Costa, Bruno Raposo Melo, Rosana Tavares Brito, G.V.O. Fernandes, Vagner Gonçalves Bernardo, Eliene Carvalho da Fonseca, Márcio Baltazar Conz, Gloria Dulce de Almeida Soares, José Mauro Granjeiro

Abstract: The aim of this paper was to evaluate the usefulness of coupling digital image analysis with immunohistochemistry and histomorphometry data...

Authors: Han Wook Jang, Hyung Seok Kim, Min Gu Jung, Hyun Sung Kim, Byung Ock Kim, Hyun Sun Jang

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to figure out the effect of maintaining period of PTFE membrane used in GBR with autogeonous bone,...

Authors: Heilen Arce, Mavis L. Montero

Abstract: Production of calcium phosphates from homogeneous solutions of Ca2+ and PO43- are studied in presence of complexing agents such as acetic...

Authors: Cornelia Prinz, Hans Georg Neumann

Abstract: The antibacterial effects of titanium oxide/calcium phosphate and calcium phos-phate/copper phosphate composite coatings have been...

Authors: A. Pelaez-Vargas, N. Ferrell, M.H. Fernandes, D.J. Hansford, F.J. Monteiro

Abstract: Cell behaviour such as adhesion, morphology, proliferation and functional activity are highly influenced by surface properties including...

Authors: Waléria Silva de Medeiros, Luiz Carlos Pereira, Robson Pacheco Pereira, Marize Varella de Oliveira

Abstract: Synthetic Hydroxyapatite (HA) has been used as coating in order to enhance biocompatibility of titanium implants. Osseointegration at the...

Authors: Josefina Ballarre, Sergio A. Pellice, Wido H. Schreiner, Silvia M. Ceré

Abstract: Metals are the most used materials as orthopaedic or dental implants for their excellent mechanical properties. However they are not able to...

Authors: Neide A. Mariano, Rafael G. Oliveira, E.I. Braga, E.C.S. Rigo

Abstract: The commercially pure titanium (cp Ti) biocompatibility is due to its chemical stability in organism because of the presence of a fine film...

Authors: Caroline M. Ramirez, Paulo Guilherme Coelho, José Mauro Granjeiro

Abstract: Incorporation of bioceramics on the surface of dental implants has been utilized in an attempt to increase biological response of bone to...

Authors: Gelson B. de Souza, Gabriel G. de Lima, Neide K. Kuromoto, Paulo Soares, Cláudia E. B. Marino, Carlos M. Lepienski

Abstract: Anodic oxidation is a promising technique to become titanium surfaces bioactive, by simultaneously changing the surface morphology,...


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