Advances in Concrete and Structures

Volumes 400-402

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Xiang Zeng, Jian Cai

Abstract: Based on the analysis of reinforced concrete beams under biaxial bending, an equivalent cross-section method is proposed to calculate the...

Authors: Qiu Wei Wang, Qing Xuan Shi, Liu Jiu Tang

Abstract: Based on the common calculation methods of normal section bearing capacity of steel reinforced concrete (SRC) columns with I-shaped steel,...

Authors: Li Zhong Jiang, Lin Lin Sun, Xing Li

Abstract: Based on the theoretical analysis of steel-concrete composite П-beam’s lateral buckling, the computing model and simplified computing model...

Authors: Ming Qiao Zhu, Zhi Fang, Zhi Wu Yu, Qi Zhi Wei

Abstract: A full test on the flexible behaviors of the long flanges and trapezoidal section high-strength concrete thin-walled box girder has been...

Authors: Yeong Ae Heo, Guo Wei Zhang, Sashi K. Kunnath, Yan Xiao

Abstract: In nonlinear dynamic analyses of RC structures based on fiber-based discretization of member cross-sections, the constitutive model used to...

Authors: Xian Li, Yan Xiao

Abstract: In order to improve the constructability and meanwhile ensure excellent seismic behavior, an innovative bolted endplate connection to steel...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Zhang, Li Hua Xu, Yin Chi

Abstract: For discussing the mechanism of load-transferring for reinforced steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) double-column combined six-pile...

Authors: Ze Liang Yao, Zhen Jian, Guo Liang Bai

Abstract: It is difficult and important to accurately calculate single pile ultimate bearing capacity during pile foundation design. Typical...

Authors: Xiao Wei Wang, Wen Ling Tian, Zhi Yuan Huang, Ming Jie Zhou, Xiao Yan Zhao

Abstract: The thickness of the raft slab is determined by punching shear. The raft slab is commonly thick, which causes concrete volume is large. Mass...

Authors: Wei Zhou

Abstract: Finite element method is often used to obtain exact solution in the course of internal force calculation of some complex frames which...


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