Progress of Machining Technology

Volumes 407-408

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ang Li, Chun Jie Wang

Abstract: In the course of present space lander’s optimization, the problems, such as hardness of information integration, partiality of optimization,...

Authors: N. Mishima

Abstract: Design process of a machine tool is sometimes experience basis and time-consuming. The author has proposed a design tool for machine tools...

Authors: Li Hong Qiao, Wei Liu

Abstract: An agile data service framework was proposed in the paper to meet the requirement of agile manufacturing data management in product...

Authors: Zhe Kun Li, Min Li, Fu Yu Li

Abstract: By taking the advantages of RFID (Radio frequency identification) technology, this paper consequently raises an idea of applying RFID into...

Authors: Zhen Yu Zhao, Meng Zhang, Bai Liu, Hou Ming Zhou, Song Sen Yu

Abstract: In milling pocket corner, there maybe residual material left at sharp corners when stepover is extremely large in contour-parallel...

Authors: Tian Li, Wu Yi Chen, Ru Feng Xu, Dan Wang

Abstract: To satisfy the requirement in blisk machining, a barrel-ball milling (BBM) cutter suitable for machining both blade and hub is presented in...

Authors: Qi Feng Wang

Abstract: To effectively realize the optimal operation target of paperless production, real time production and integration in manufacturing process...

Authors: Qi Lei, Qi Feng Wang, Yu Chuan Song

Abstract: To effectively realize the business integration and collaboration in manufacturing enterprises, this paper provides an e-Enterprise...

Authors: Masaji Tanaka, Toshiaki Kaneeda, Ryosuke Yokoi, Machiko Fujiwara

Abstract: Though solid modeling becomes essential to research present CAD systems, a great many small companies still use 2D CAD systems. So,...

Authors: Li Cheng Fan, Li Ning Sun, Zhi Jiang Du

Abstract: To grind sculptured surface by swing motion, it’s needed to interpolate the discrete data nodes on the arc-driving surface. To ensure that...


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