Progress of Machining Technology

Volumes 407-408

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Jun Cai, Chun Zheng Duan, Li Jie Sun

Abstract: A strategy of toolpath generation based on Tool-Zmap geometric model has been proposed to achieve efficient finish machining of mold cavity....

Authors: Ke Wang, Xing Wei Sun, Xin Chen

Abstract: Conical screw rotor is the key part of conical double-screw extruder, with complex geometrical features, such as variable outside and inside...

Authors: Guo Dong Shao, Swee Leong, Charles McLean

Abstract: Software applications for manufacturing systems developed using software from different vendors typically cannot work together. Develop¬ment...

Authors: Dong Ping Qiao, Jian Jun Yang

Abstract: Aimed at the complexities about information integration of manufacturing process, the architecture ,method and technique that are used to...

Authors: Dan Wang, Wu Yi Chen, Tian Li, Ru Feng Xu

Abstract: A flank milling tool positioning method using a barrel cutter is proposed. An offset point is used as the first anchor point. Two rotary...

Authors: Li Hong Qiao, Jin Zhang

Abstract: One of the major barriers to the integration of CAD, CAPP and CAM is insufficiency and incompatibility of product model data among various...

Authors: Takeshi Gonda, Katsumi Tao, Shigeru Otsuka, Masaki Yakabe

Abstract: This paper describes an analytical formulation and a numerical solution of the elastic dynamic problems of non-homogeneous poroelastic...

Authors: Chao Wu, Xiu Ling Zhang, Xiao Ming Jia

Abstract: Cutting fluid occupies an important position in the metal processing. The performance and pollution problem brought to the environment of...

Authors: Kenji Yamaguchi, Yasuo Kondo, Satoshi Sakamoto, Shu Kohira

Abstract: To reduce the management cost and environmental load of water-soluble coolant, authors have been studying on a metabolic system for...

Authors: Xiao Ming Jia, Fei Wang

Abstract: The cutting fluid is widely used in cutting process with the cemented carbide tool. This paper studied the influence of some antirusting...


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