Progress of Machining Technology

Volumes 407-408

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Liu, Qiu Sheng Yan, Jia Bin Lu, Wei Qiang Gao, Yong Yang

Abstract: Using the tiny-grinding wheel based on the synergistic effect of the electro-magneto- rheological (EMR) fluid, a novel method is presented...

Authors: Jia Chun Wang, Ji Min Zhang, Na Li, Yun Peng Kou

Abstract: In nanometric cutting process, the actual material removal can take place at atomic level, which makes it difficult or impossible to observe...

Authors: Kazuya Yamamura, Takuro Mitani, Kazuaki Ueda, Mikinori Nagano, Nobuyuki Zettsu

Abstract: We have developed numerically controlled local wet etching (NC-LWE) as a novel deterministic subaperture figuring and finishing technique,...

Authors: Mikinori Nagano, Hiroyuki Takai, Kazuya Yamamura, Dai Yamazaki, Ryuji Maruyama, Kazuhiko Soyama

Abstract: Numerically controlled local wet etching is a novel figuring method for fabricating the ultraprecision optical components and/or finishing...

Authors: Choung Lii Chao, Chun Chieh Chen, Wen Chen Chou

Abstract: Micro lens array is widely used in photonics and telecommunication products, including back-light module of flat panel display devices and...

Authors: Katsuhiko Sekiya, Ryo Tezuka, Yasuo Yamane, Keiji Yamada

Abstract: Stainless steel SUS304 is one of the typical difficult-to-cut materials due to strong tendency to adhesion and work hardening. Therefore...

Authors: Mutsumi Touge, Takayuki Nakano, Keishi Yamaguchi, Akihisa Kubota, Junji Watanabe

Abstract: Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) has been widely used for various cutting tools and die components making use of its hardness and wear...

Authors: Hong Yan Ruan, Hua Yan, Shu Bin Lu, Hui Xia Liu, Xiao Wang

Abstract: The existing studies based on 2-dimension cutting model are partial investigations on tool wear. In order to get close to the true cutting...

Authors: Jian Wu, Rong Di Han

Abstract: An analytical model of drilling temperature was developed based on the thermal model of orthogonal cutting and equivalent model. In this...

Authors: Hiroyuki Sasahara, Yoshihisa Naito

Abstract: An objective of this study is to develop a new method for the prediction and the avoidance of chatter vibration in milling operation of...


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