Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VIII

Volumes 417-418

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Marin Sandu, Eniko Volceanov, Matei Constantin Miron, Dragos Alexandru Apostol

Abstract: Static loading and impact tests of ceramic alumina tiles have shown a very interesting behaviour of tough, brittle, and high energy...

Authors: Zhan Qi Guo, Gui Ming Wang, Piet Stroeven, Zhong He Shui

Abstract: The influence of concrete meso-structure and coarse aggregate size on early age crack is studied. In this study, concrete is regarded as a...

Authors: Jian Zhuang Xiao, Yu Ching Wu, Sheng Dong Zhang

Abstract: Fracture analysis has been made for a 2 dimensional prototype of recycled aggregate concrete using the discrete cracking model. The discrete...

Authors: Giuseppe Lamanna, Francesco Caputo, Alessandro Soprano

Abstract: The energy absorption capability of an exposed crashworthy element or system is largely affected by material properties and structural...

Authors: Jian Zhuang Xiao, Qiong Liu, Vivian W.Y. Tam

Abstract: A random aggregate model of recycled aggregate concrete is developed in this paper on the base of a mixture ratio. Combining a lattice model...

Authors: Nicolae Faur, Liviu Marsavina, Anghel Cernescu, Christian Neş, Emanoil Linul

Abstract: At the stress-strain tests for the overhead electrical conductors stranded in alternate directions (aluminum conductor steel reinforced -...

Authors: Jian Zhuang Xiao, Bin Lei, Chuan Zeng Zhang

Abstract: Concrete exposing to atmosphere suffers from changes in its internal structure, for instance loss of alkalinity of the cover concrete and...

Authors: Jalil Rezaeepazhand, H. Sabori

Abstract: The performance of perforated metallic plates repaired with laminated composite patches is presented in this study. A square aluminum plate...

Authors: Shan Suo Zheng, Bin Wang, Lei Li, Wei Wang, Jin Chuan He

Abstract: The deficiency of present damage model is generalized by studying existing references. The mechanical properties of steel reinforced high...

Authors: Ali Amin Yazdi, Jalil Rezaeepazhand

Abstract: This study investigates the application of laminated composite patches for enhancement of flutter behavior of perforated metallic plates...


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