Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro I

Volumes 426-427

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Jun Wang, Xiao Guang Fu, Y.S. Luo

Abstract: Surface desquamation is the major performance of the NC machine tool malfunction. The malfunction can be diagnosed through whether running...

Authors: Xu Da Qin, X.L. Ji, X. Yu, S. Hua, Wei Cheng Liu, Wang Yang Ni, Yi Xiong Liu

Abstract: The technique of tool wear monitoring in plunge milling is studied. The mean of cutting force signals and the root mean square (RMS) of...

Authors: Kan Zheng, W.H. Liao, Y.T. Qin

Abstract: With the honeycomb sandwich structure widely used in aerospace, the research of its mechanical properties becomes especially important. All...

Authors: Yong Guo Wang, G. Liu, J.S. Zhang, Jian Bo Yu, M. Li

Abstract: 4 blades PCD combined tool used for hole reaming and chamfer milling Al-alloy cylinder block has been developed. Results showed that the...

Authors: J. Chen, H. Li

Abstract: The training of second generation of successor has been an important task for most family-owned businesses. With groping for many years, the...

Authors: Tan Li

Abstract: Based on the industrial advantages and the development of modern manufacturing industry, industrial isomorphism and manufacturing capacities...

Authors: K.F. Ying

Abstract: According to the particularity of VE, this article discussed the organization patterns of VE. Based on that, it has brought forward and...

Authors: P. Li, R.Z. Wang, Y.Z. Zhang, D.W. Chen

Abstract: Sniffer and MITM attack can do nothing to local encryption, which is a new technology, because the plaintext is merely encrypted in user’s...

Authors: Z.Y. Wu, H.J. Chen, Yan Nian Rui

Abstract: This supersonic splitting treatment of high- water ratio of sludge is studied by the mechanism of focusing of high voltage pulse discharge....

Authors: Sheng Bing Xiao, Xue Dong Xie, Xiang Qian Che

Abstract: The realization of the data exchanges between the reverse engineering system and CAD / CAM system is by Graphics Interchange standards, of...


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