Advances in Liquid Crystals

Volumes 428-429

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Wu Li

Abstract: Color management for liquid crystal display is one of the key techniques in the color image reproduction. A new color management model is...

Authors: Qing Lan Ma, Yuan Ming Huang

Abstract: In the presence of the catalyst N, N-dimethylbenzylamine, a series of ultraviolet-curable sealants 1-6 were synthesized by varying the...

Authors: Rong Hua Guan

Abstract: The energy problem of weak anchoring nematic liquid crystal (NLC) cell is investigated. For given system, there are four solutions...

Authors: Han Cheng Liu, Hua Wa Yu, Xiang An Yan, Jun Fang Wu

Abstract: Liquid crystal device (LCD) used as spatial gating apparatus has a lot of new using at low light detecting, imaging spectrum and so on....

Authors: Yu Kui Li, Wen Sheng Xing

Abstract: Because of better field emission characteristics, carbon nanotube was a suitable and excellent cathode material for use in the field...

Authors: Ji Yu An, Chao Deng, Yong Jun Li, Tie Zhen Sun

Abstract: It is well-known that the phosphor is widely used for the field emission display (FED), and its luminescent and temperature properties are...

Authors: Ye Tang Guo, Yuan Ming Huang

Abstract: Well known long-persistent phosphorous strontium aluminates were synthesized by conventional combustion method in a furnace at about 600oC....

Authors: Xiao Jun Wang, Zhong Yue Xiao

Abstract: With the use of virtual manufacturing technology, machine tool enterprise shortens the product design and manufacturing cycle, reduces the...

Authors: Chang Qing Fang, Shi Sheng Zhou, M.R. Zhang, P.G. Ren

Abstract: With the advantages of no pollution and no poison, the water-based ink, as a new type of green packaging material, is especially applicable...

Authors: Yu Kui Li, Cong Li

Abstract: By using the thick soda-lime glass plate and the flat thin glass, the connecting plates were formed easily. The carbon nanotube materials...


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