Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics X

Volumes 488-489

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Karsten Wippler, Meinhard Kuna

Abstract: A general purpose direct BEM code has been developed for three-dimensional crack problems in piezoelectric structures. Special 3D...

Authors: Pejo Konjatić, Dražan Kozak, Nenad Gubeljak

Abstract: Since welded constructions are widely used in engineering, a certain flaws in welded joints may occur either in process of welding or in...

Authors: Marco Miniaci, Alessandro Marzani, Erasmo Viola

Abstract: The aim of this work is to propose a non-invasive technique aimed at assessing the evolution of damage in elongated bones that could be...

Authors: Alessandro Marzani, Marco Miniaci, Erasmo Viola

Abstract: Stress guided waves in the sonic and ultrasonic regime are acknowledged as a powerful too lto inspect pipes in a non-invasive manner.A key...

Authors: Erasmo Viola, Yong Li, Nicholas Fantuzzi

Abstract: In this paper simple engineering methods for a fast and close approximation of stress intensity factors of cracked beams and bars, subjected...

Authors: Erasmo Viola, Nicholas Fantuzzi, Alessandro Marzani

Abstract: This study is an extension of the paper by E. Viola and A. Marzani [1] where the eigenfrequencies and critical loads of a single cracked...

Authors: M. Ponga, Ignasio Romero, M. Ortiz, M.P. Ariza

Abstract: Tensile failure of metals often occurs through void nucleation, growth and coalescence. This work is concerned with the study of plastic...

Authors: J.A. Sanz-Herrera, H. Esteban, M.P. Ariza

Abstract: Total hip replacement is one of the most common techniques in orthopaedic surgery, and one of the most important surgical advances of the...

Authors: Jana Horníková, Pavel Šandera, Jaroslav Pokluda

Abstract: Nanoindentation is considered to be a very promising experimental approach to measuring the ideal shear strength since the stressed volume...

Authors: Václav Veselý, Lucie Šestáková, Stanislav Seitl

Abstract: A precise description of the stress and deformation fields in a cracked body is provided using multi-parameter fracture mechanics based on...


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