Designing, Processing and Properties of Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 449-452

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sung Tag Oh, Kae Myung Kang

Abstract: Microstructure of hot-pressed Al2O3/Cu composites with a different temperature for atmosphere switching from H2 to Ar has been studied....

Authors: Baek Hee Lee, Young Do Kim, Kyu Hwan Lee

Abstract: Geometrical and chemical designs of an implant surface affected the stabilization of implant and the healing of tissue. In this study,...

Authors: Youn Jung Park, Cheol Min Park

Abstract: A highly oriented nanostructure of poly(styrene)-b-(ethylene-alt-propylene)-b-(ethylene) (PS/PEP/PE) semicrystalline terblock copolymer was...

Authors: Won Young Choi, Jeong Won Kang, Ho Jung Hwang

Abstract: We have investigated the structures of copper nanowires encapsulated in carbon nanotubes using a structural optimization process applied to...

Authors: Kyung Sik Oh, Sang Hoon Park, Young Keun Jeong

Abstract: Ag doped Hydroxyapatites (Ag-HAp) was prepared through either ion exchange or coprecipitation to compare the durability of antimicrobial...

Authors: Hwan Pil Park, Yoon Chung, Chong Seung Yoon, Sung Su Jo, Young Ho Kim

Abstract: We developed a simple method of producing metal oxide nanoparticles by reacting a polyamic acid (PAA) with Cu or Sn metal films. Respective...

Authors: Yun Kyung Lee, Young Soo Yoon, Dal Ho Lee, Jong Sung Kim

Abstract: Amplification of the p53 gene using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was performed in a silicon-based micro-PCR chip. Metal deposition,...

Authors: W. Lee, H.G. Sohn, Jae Min Myoung

Abstract: Application potential of ZnO nanowires grown by MOCVD for atomic force microscope (AFM) probes was evaluated by predicting numerically...

Authors: H.J. Oh, J.H. Lee, Y. Jeong, Su Jeong Suh, C.-S. Chi

Abstract: The microstructure and photocatalytic characteristics of anodic TiO2 film have been investigated for applications in waste water treatment....

Authors: C.-S. Chi, Y. Jeong, S.S. Kim, Chong Sung Park, H.J. Oh

Abstract: The fabrication parameters for highly ordered nanopore arrays formed by self-organized anodization on aluminum have been investigated. To...


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