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Authors: Hugo Ricardo Zschommler Sandim, J.P. Martins, Andre Luiz Pinto, Angelo Fernando Padilha
Abstract:The recrystallization behavior of coarse-grained tantalum deformed at large strains is strongly dependent on its deformation microstructure....
Authors: Hugo Ricardo Zschommler Sandim, B.F.S. Matos, G.S. Fonseca, Paulo Rangel Rios
Abstract:The recrystallization of an electron beam melted Ta-10wt%W alloy deformed by cold swaging with reductions in area of 41 and 95% and annealed...
Authors: Hugo Ricardo Zschommler Sandim, Dierk Raabe
Abstract:The recrystallization behavior of coarse-grained niobium depends on the nature of its deformation microstructure. In this regard, a...
Authors: Werner Skrotzki, K. Kegler, R. Tamm, C.G. Oertel
Abstract:Cast iron aluminides of three compositions were strongly deformed by hot extrusion and subsequently annealed. The texture development and...
Authors: Xu Yue Yang, Hiromi Miura, Taku Sakai
Abstract:The deformation behavior and structure changes of magnesium alloy AZ31 were studied in compression at temperatures ranging from 523K to 673K...
Authors: K. Zhu, D. Chaubet, Brigitte Bacroix, Jean Luc Béchade
Abstract:The recrystallization of a Zr-2Hf alloy sheet deformed by plane strain compression at room temperature and then heat treated in the...
Authors: David J. Prior, Michel Bestmann, Angela Halfpenny, Elisabetta Mariani, Sandra Piazolo, Jan Tullis, John Wheeler
Abstract:Misorientation analysis, using EBSD data sets, has enabled us to constrain better recrystallization mechanisms in rocks and minerals....
Authors: Dierk Raabe, N. Chen
Abstract:This is a study on texture, decrystallization, and recrystallization in rolled and heat treated semi–crystalline polymers. Experiments were...
Authors: Taketo Sakuma, Yuichi Ikuhara, Takahisa Yamamoto
Authors: E.B. Borisenko, B.A. Gnesin
Abstract:The effect of water and temperature on grain growth of plastically deformed doped potassium chloride has been studied. The results of...
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