Recrystallization and Grain Growth

Volumes 467-470

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Angela Halfpenny, David J. Prior, John Wheeler

Abstract: Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) is an extremely valuable tool, as it measures full crystallographic orientation information. This...

Authors: A. Kellermann Slotemaker, J.H.P. de Bresser, C.J. Spiers, M.R. Drury

Abstract: Microstructures provide the crucial link between solid state flow of rock materials in the laboratory and large-scale tectonic processes in...

Authors: Elisabetta Mariani, Julian Mecklenburgh, David J. Prior, John Wheeler
Authors: H. Nguyen Xuan, S. Beauquis, P. Galez, J.L. Jorda, S. Phok, D. De-Barros

Abstract: Superconducting Tl-1223 and Tl-2223 films have been prepared in a two steps process : deposition of Ba:Ca:Cu = 2:2:3 precursor by spray...

Authors: G.M. Pennock, M.R. Drury, C.J. Spiers

Abstract: NaCl is plastically anisotropic and forms a well developed substructure during deformation at 0.3-0.5Tm. EBSD was used to assess subgrain...

Authors: Dierk Raabe

Abstract: This article introduces a 3D cellular automaton model for the prediction of spherulite growth phenomena in polymers at the mesoscopic...

Authors: Elizabeth A. Holm, Mark A. Miodownik, Kristopher J. Healey

Abstract: The origin of the strain-free crystallites that nucleate the recrystallization process has been debated for decades. Realistic,...

Authors: Mischa Crumbach, Matthias Goerdeler, Günter Gottstein

Abstract: Schemes to model deformation inhomogeneities and nuclei distributions based on the grain cluster model for deformation texture simulation...

Authors: S. Das, Eric J. Palmiere, I.C. Howard

Abstract: A common feature that stimulates modelling efforts across the various physical sciences is that complex microscopic behaviour underlies...

Authors: John Dunlop, Yves Bréchet, Laurent Legras

Abstract: During transport of spent Zircaloy-4 fuel rods, cladding temperatures can be expected to rise well over 400°C for transportation periods...


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