Recrystallization and Grain Growth

Volumes 467-470

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Arnaud Lens, Claire Maurice, Julian H. Driver

Abstract: The migration rates (V) of “random” high angle grain boundaries (HAGB) during annealing of a cold deformed (e=1.3) high purity Al-0.1wt% Mn...

Authors: D. Mattissen, D. Kirch, Dmitri A. Molodov, Lasar S. Shvindlerman, Günter Gottstein

Abstract: The motion and geometry of connected grain boundary systems with triple junctions in aluminium -10 ppm magnesium was investigated in-situ...

Authors: Herbert M. Miller, David Saylor, Bassem S. El Dasher, Anthony D. Rollett, Gregory S. Rohrer

Abstract: Measurements of the grain boundary character distribution in MgAl2O4 (spinel) as a function of lattice misorientation and boundary plane...

Authors: F. Papillon, P. Wynblatt, Gregory S. Rohrer

Abstract: Grain boundary (GB) segregation has been measured in Ca-doped MgO by examining intergranular fracture surfaces with Auger electron...

Authors: Svetlana G. Protasova, Vera G. Sursaeva

Abstract: The migration of the systems of tilt grain boundaries with a triple junction (<100>, <110> and <111>) in high-purity aluminium are...

Authors: Vera G. Sursaeva

Abstract: When a bicrystal or polycrystal are subjected to a change in temperature, the individual responses of the two adjoining crystals may differ...

Authors: Naoki Takata, Kenichi Ikeda, Fusahito Yoshida, H. Nakashima, Hiroshi Abe

Abstract: In the present study, grain boundary energy and atomic structure of <110> symmetric tilt boundaries in copper were evaluated by molecular...

Authors: D.N. Wasnik, Vivekanand Kain, I. Samajdar, Bert Verlinden, P.K. De

Abstract: Thermo-mechanical processing of type 304 and type 316L stainless steels done by (a) cold rolling to a reduction in thickness of 20 to 80...

Authors: Tadao Watanabe, Kouichi Obara, Sadahiro Tsurekawa

Abstract: In-situ observations of a/g phase transformation were made to study the effect of grain boundary microstructure of the generation of a new...

Authors: Duk Yong Yoon, Young Kyu Cho, Hyun Min Jang

Abstract: Flat surfaces and grain boundaries lying on low crystal planes are singular corresponding to the cusps in the polar (Wulff) plots of their...


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