Recrystallization and Grain Growth

Volumes 467-470

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Marilyne Cornen, René Le Gall

Abstract: Impurity segregation at grain boundaries in polycrystalline alloys is known to have a tremendous impact on the material properties such as...

Authors: Sofiane Guessasma, E. Suzon, N. Rouag, Thierry Grosdidier

Abstract: This paper presents some preliminarily results on microstructure modifications associated with static recrystallization in an ODS alloy. The...

Authors: Sofiane Guessasma, N. Rouag

Abstract: This paper deals with the study of particle shape effect in grain growth inhibition. As it is difficult to quantify analytically such effect...

Authors: Zainul Huda

Abstract: The current literature reports the quantitative analysis of the kinetics of grain growth influenced by second-phase particle mechanisms for...

Authors: Paulo Rangel Rios, G.S. Fonseca

Abstract: The usual expression to calculate the limiting grain radius due to particle pinning is RL=ar/f, where r is the particle radius, f is the...

Authors: Mitra L. Taheri, Anthony D. Rollett, Hasso Weiland

Abstract: Aluminum alloys exhibit recrystallization kinetics that vary strongly with composition. The conventional understanding is that certain...

Authors: C.H. Wörner, A. Olguín

Abstract: The distribution of sizes for grain growth in presence of pinning centers (Zener pinned growth) is communicated at different times. The...

Authors: G. Couturier, Claire Maurice, R. Fortunier, R. Doherty, Julian H. Driver

Abstract: An original model, based on a variational formulation for boundary motion by viscous drag, is developed to simulate single grain boundary...

Authors: David Basanta, Mark A. Miodownik, Elizabeth A. Holm, Peter J. Bentley

Abstract: We describe a general approach to obtaining 3D microstructures as input to computer simulations of materials properties. We introduce a...

Authors: Martin E. Glicksman

Abstract: Space-filling in kinetically active 3-d network structures, such as polycrystalline solids at high temperatures, is treated using...


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