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Authors: Vladimir Yu. Novikov
Abstract:Grain growth in 2D polycrystals was simulated under the supposition that triple junctions possess a restricted mobility and so impede the...
Authors: Hélène Petitgand, H. Réglé, Uwe Zimmermann
Abstract:In order to optimize the batch annealing cycles and increase the productivity of this process, the impact of the chemical composition and...
Authors: B. Radhakrishnan, G.B. Sarma
Abstract:The paper describes large scale, three-dimensional, Potts model simulations of the interaction between a coarse particle and a straight...
Authors: Lasar S. Shvindlerman, Günter Gottstein, Anthony D. Rollett
Abstract:We present a new analysis of the relative rate of growth or shrinkage of grains in a two-dimensional network, based on the classical Von...
Authors: Denis Solas, Ph. Gerber, Thierry Baudin, Richard Penelle
Abstract:A three-dimensional Monte Carlo computer simulation technique has been applied to the problem of normal grain growth. A continuum system is...
Authors: D. Weygand, J. Lépinoux, Yves Bréchet
Abstract:The conditions for nucleation of abnormal grain growth have been investigated using a 2D vertex simulation allowing for the presence of...
Authors: Dana Zöllner, Peter Streitenberger
Abstract:A modified Monte Carlo algorithm for single-phase normal grain growth is presented, which allows one to simulate the time development of the...
Authors: S.R. Barrabes, M.E. Kassner, Maria Teresa Pérez-Prado, E. Evangelista
Abstract:The micron-size grain refinement of pure a-zirconium obtained with elevated temperature tensile deformation was investigated. The development...
Authors: Cédric Chauvy, Pierre Barbéris, Frank Montheillet
Abstract:Compression tests were used to simulate simple deformation paths within the upper a-range of Zircaloy-4 (i.e. 500°C-750°C). The mechanical...
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