Recrystallization and Grain Growth

Volumes 467-470

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Azmir Harun, Mark A. Miodownik, Mike P. Clode, Elizabeth A. Holm

Abstract: We compare the ability of three different types of microstructural model to simulate particle pinning. The microstructural models are the...

Authors: Elizabeth A. Holm, J.H. Meinke, E.S. McGarrity, P.M. Duxbury

Abstract: With the development of new, fully three-dimensional metallographic techniques, there is considerable interest in characterizing...

Authors: Koenraad G.F. Janssens, Elizabeth A. Holm, Stephen M. Foiles

Abstract: In this paper we discuss the principles of a combined approach to solve the problem of solute drag as it occurs in microstructure evolution...

Authors: M.W. Jessell

Abstract: Grain growth simulations using the microstructure simulation system Elle have been performed in materials with a pre-existing grain shape...

Authors: D. Kinderlehrer, Jee Hyun Lee, Irene Livshits, Anthony D. Rollett, Shlomo Ta'asan

Abstract: Simulation is becoming an increasingly important tool, not only in materials science in a general way, but in the study of grain growth in...

Authors: D. Kinderlehrer, Irene Livshits, Gregory S. Rohrer, Shlomo Ta'asan, Peng Yu

Abstract: A mesoscale, variational simulation of grain growth in two-dimensions has been used to explore the effects of grain boundary properties on...

Authors: Jiří Kroc

Abstract: This paper try to elucidate some aspects of the impact of using two different types of computational lattices on the solution of simple...

Authors: F. Lin, Andrew Godfrey, Mark A. Miodownik, Qing Liu

Abstract: After primary recrystallization of highly rolled (>98% reduction) high purity Ni (99.999%) tapes the cube texture fraction can range from 45...

Authors: M.W. Nordbakke, N. Ryum, Ola Hunderi

Abstract: Computer simulations of 2D normal grain growth have shown that size correlations between adjacent grains exist in 2D grain structures....

Authors: Vladimir Yu. Novikov

Abstract: Grain growth in films with h/〈D〉0=3.5−7.5, where h is the film thickness and 〈D〉0 the initial average grain diameter, was studied by means...


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