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Authors: Koichi Nakashima, K. Imakawa, Y. Futamura, Toshihiro Tsuchiyama, Setsuo Takaki
Abstract:The effect of copper (Cu) addition on the grain growth behavior of austenite was investigated in a low carbon steel and a Cu bearing low...
Authors: Václav Paidar, Pavel Lejček, M. Polcarová, J. Brádler, Alain Jacques
Abstract:Grain boundary motion was studied in situ at elevated temperatures by x-ray topography using synchrotron radiation. In addition to the...
Authors: Hyun Park, Young Chang Joo, Doh Yeon Kim, Jong Tae Park, Jae Kwan Kim, Nong Moon Hwang
Authors: N. Rouag, H. Afer, Richard Penelle
Abstract:The abnormal grain growth is related to the material texture, in the magnetic sheets Fe3%Si of HiB type, with AlN and MnS inhibitors. The...
Authors: David San Martín, Francisca García Caballero, Carlos Capdevila, C. Carcía de Andrés
Abstract:Grain growth is a thermally activated process in which the average grain size increases as temperature and time increases. The driving force...
Authors: Sandra Piazolo, Vera G. Sursaeva, David J. Prior
Abstract:First results from grain growth experiments in a columnar structured Al foil show several interesting features: (a) the grain size...
Authors: Kim Verbeken, Leo Kestens
Abstract:After primary recrystallization, on further annealing, abnormal grain growth occurred in ultra low carbon steel. Texture evolution was...
Authors: Naoki Maruyama, George D.W. Smith
Abstract:Atomic-scale interface segregation behaviour of Nb and Mo during different stages of recrystallisation of a-Fe has been investigated using a...
Authors: Olivier Arnould, Olivier Hubert, François Hild
Authors: Sara M. Cerrud, Rafael Schouwenaars, Armando Ortiz, Edgar I. Ramírez
Abstract:A fine microstructure stabilised by dispersed particles is an interesting option for increasing the resistance of Al-Sn tribo-alloys without...
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