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Authors: Y.H. Choi, S.M. Cha, J.H. Hong, Jai Hyuk Choi
Abstract:Feed drive system of machine tools may experience serious vibrations or unstable motions during high-speed operation. In this paper, a 6...
Authors: Yi Wan, Zhi Tao Tang, Zhan Qiang Liu, Xing Ai
Abstract:High-speed machining has received important interest because it leads to an increase of productivity and a better workpiece surface quality....
Authors: Jun Zhao, Xing Ai, Xin Ping Huang, Z.J. Lü
Abstract:Si3N4 ceramic matrix composites toughened with TiC nanoparticles were fabricated by using hot pressing technique with Al2O3 and Y2O3 as...
Authors: Lian Yi Chen, T. Osawa, H. Narita, Takashi Nakamura, H. Fujimoto
Abstract:This study deals with the construction of network system for the production site, for the purpose of networking the machine tools as a part...
Authors: Zhan Qiang Liu, Jun Bo Zhang, Zhi Tao Tang
Abstract:Industry is looking for practical means to improve the accuracy of the parts machined on CNC machines. Some artificial intelligence (AI)...
Authors: Ming Liu, Fang Qi Cheng, Xianfeng Fan, Pei Qi Ge
Abstract:More precise analysis and design of generalized lubrication system with the research results of modern lubrication theories are the effective...
Authors: Shi Ming Ji, Li Zhang, Y.H. Wan, X. Zhang, Ju Long Yuan, L.B. Zhang
Abstract:A new intelligent tool condition monitoring technique for metal cutting process is proposed. Fiest, the frequency spectrum analysis of the...
Authors: J.F. Meng, Jian Feng Li, Pei Qi Ge, W. Gao
Abstract:A better understanding of the hard-brittle material removal mechanism in wire-sawing provides a basis for optimizing the wire-saw and...
Authors: P. Fu, A.D. Hope, G.A. King
Abstract:Metal cutting operations constitute a large percentage of the manufacturing activity. One of the most important objectives of metal cutting...
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