Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology

Volumes 471-472

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: S.Q. Huang, Y.M. Han, Yu Dong Wang

Abstract: The features of a newly developed multi-dimension squeezed penetration piling machine are presented in this paper. The simulation model is...

Authors: Bin Zou, Chuan Zhen Huang, Han Lian Liu, Sui Lian Wang

Abstract: Nano-scale ceramic materials are very suitable to be used as the high speed cutting tool owing to their excellent properties. The...

Authors: Da Wei Zhang, Yan Ling Tian, Bing Yan

Abstract: In order to eliminate the non-linearity of a grinding auxiliary workpiece table, a hybrid fuzzy PID controller has been developed. The...

Authors: Sheng Sheng Zhang, J.Z. Zheng, L. Cheng

Abstract: Gear profile modification is an important method for reducing system vibration and noise of a gear transmission. In this paper, three kinds...

Authors: Chak Yin Tang, N. Ignjatović, Dragan P. Uskokovic, P.S. Uskoković, K.C. Chan, S.C.L. Lo, Tai Chiu Lee

Abstract: This study descripts processing of biphasic calcium-phosphate (BCP) and poly-L-lactide (PLLA) biocomposite implant material. The composite...

Authors: X.B. Ze, H. Ding, H. Wang, Xiao Qin Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the character of profile material cutting is analyzed; the dynamic alliance structure of plastic window production and its...

Authors: Z.J. Lü, Xing Ai, Jun Zhao

Abstract: By changing the molecular weight and concentration of dispersant, PH value of dispersion solution and treat process, this paper focuses on...

Authors: Hong Hua Su, Hong Jun Xu, Bing Xiao, Yu Can Fu, Jiu Hua Xu

Abstract: A new method for fabricating the thin-walled diamond core drill by brazing technology and the optimum grain distribution was proposed in...

Authors: Cheng Yong Wang, Ying Ning Hu, H.N. Ding

Abstract: Three kinds of typical concrete materials were tested involving cement concrete, steel fiber reinforced concrete and ferroconcrete. The...


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