Cross-Disciplinary Applied Research in Materials Science and Technology

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: L. De Bartolo, A. Gugliuzza, S. Morelli, B. Cirillo, A. Gordano, Enrico Drioli

Abstract: The aim of this work was the exploration of a potential biocompatible membrane prepared from a modified polyetheretherketone (PEEK-WC). The...

Authors: Edward Pankowski, Leszek Kubisz

Abstract: Bovine bone which has been irradiated with the dose bigger than 10 kGy dissolves in water after having been powdered. Bone has been...

Authors: Glaura Goulart Silva, Patterson Patrício de Souza, Ana Júlia Silveira Mizher, Marcos A. Pimenta

Abstract: Changes in glass transition and ionic association of PPG/LiClO4 samples with increasing salt concentration have been studied using...

Authors: J. Llorens, E. Rudé, R.M. Marcos

Abstract: We apply a model that connects rheological properties of linear polymer blends with their molecular weight distributions (MWDs). The model...

Authors: S.E. Paje, F. Teran, J.M. Riveiro, J. Llopis, M.A. García, M.C. Marco de Lucas, L. Saviot

Abstract: In this research we study optical absorption and morphology of silver films prepared with a sputtering method. Silver granular films are...

Authors: V. Zhukova, A. Zhukov, V. Larin, A. Torcunov, J. González, António Ramirez de Arellano-López, J.J. Quispe Cancapa, A.R. Pinto-Gómez

Abstract: Glass coated microwires with two metallic nucleus compositions Co57Fe 6.1Ni10B15.9Si11 and Fe36,4Co41,7B11,8Si10,1 with 3 different glass...

Authors: Viera Trnovcová, R.M. Zakalyukin, N.I. Sorokin, D. Ležal, P.P. Fedorov, Emília Illeková, Andrej Škubla, M. Kadlečíková

Abstract: The ionic conductivity and permittivity of glasses based on ZrF4, BaF2, LaF3, AlF3 and NaF (ZBLAN) or PbF2, InF3, BaF2, AlF3 and LaF3...

Authors: M. Zaghdoudi, M.M. Abdelkrim, M. Fathallah, T. Mohammed-Brahim, F. Le Bihan

Abstract: The optical and electrical properties of undoped and low doped polycrystalline silicon films deposited by LPCVD technique are analysed....

Authors: Kun-Ho Liu, Chin-Ching Lin, San-Yuan Chen

Abstract: A novel hierarchical polygon prismatic nanostructure of wurtzite Zn has been grown on silicon by liquid-solution seed nucleation and...

Authors: J. Pedlíková, J. Zavadil, Olga Prochazková, J. Kaluzny

Abstract: Binary and ternary TeO2 based oxy-chloride glass systems have been prepared and characterised by absorption and low-temperature...


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