Cross-Disciplinary Applied Research in Materials Science and Technology

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: T. Rivera Montalvo, C. Furetta, J. Azorín Nieto, C. Falcony Guajardo, M. García, Eduardo Martínez

Abstract: Various experimental methods are currently employed for the determination of the trap parameters. Methods based on the glow curve shape...

Authors: O. Bourbia, N. Guerfi, S. Achour, Nouar Tabet, A. Mosser

Abstract: X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) were used to investigate the effect of...

Authors: N. Boulares, K. Guergouri, Nouar Tabet, A. Lusson, F. Sibieude, Claude J.A. Monty

Abstract: ZnO oxide is a promising material for optoelectronics because of its wide and direct gap (Eg=3.4 eV). Pure and doped zinc oxide powders of...

Authors: Mahmoud A. Hassan

Abstract: CdZnTe , Cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) is an interesting room temperature radiation detector. This research paper is reporting a negative...

Authors: Viera Trnovcová, František Hanic, Tatjana Šrámková, Andrej Škubla

Abstract: The polymorphism and anisotropy of electrical, dielectric, and thermophysical properties of “pure” and doped LiIO3 single crystals are...

Authors: L. Avramaov, E. Borisova, P.D. Townsend, L.A. Valberg

Abstract: Biological luminescence stimulated by optical excitation results in signals which are characteristic of the host tissue. The spectrum of...

Authors: M. González, M. Domenech, G. Lifante

Abstract: The structuring of the inner surface of photocathode windows is of great interest with regard to the efficiency of photomultipliers. A way...

Authors: E. Cantelar, G.A. Torchia, Veronica Bermúdez, D. Jaque, J.A. Sanz-Gracía, G. Lifante, T.P.J. Han, F. Jaque

Abstract: The dependence of the refractive indices, absorption edge and optical damage in congruent HfO2-doped LiNbO3 crystal are reported. A small...

Authors: M. Domenech, G. Lifante, F. Cussó, A. Parisi, A.C. Cino, S. Riva Sanseverino

Abstract: In this work, the complete fabrication process which combines Proton Exchange (PE) and Reverse Proton Exchange (RPE) in Neodymium doped...

Authors: Eugen R. Neagu, José N. Marat-Mendes, Radu Neagu

Abstract: The apparent activation energy W, the temperature Ta at which the molecular movement is assumed frozen (the relaxation time is infinitely...


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