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Authors: M. Carmo Lança, Eugen R. Neagu, José N. Marat-Mendes
Abstract:Space charge in electrically aged cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) was studied using a procedure combining isothermal and non-isothermal...
Authors: Eugen R. Neagu, José N. Marat-Mendes, Rodica M. Neagu
Abstract:A combined isothermal and non-isothermal measurement technique is described for analyzing space charge behavior in dielectric materials. The...
Authors: J.L. Ruiz-Herrero, Miguel A. Rodríguez-Pérez, Jose A. de Saja
Abstract:It has long been recognized that the mechanical behaviour of materials under conditions of rapid loading and impact differs significantly...
Authors: M. Roslan Hashim, S.A. Oh, Sha Shiong Ng, Hassan Zainuriah, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, M. Barmawi, Sugianto, M. Budiman, P. Arifin
Abstract:In this paper, we report the characteristics of GaN heteroepitaxial films grown on Si(111)at 700oC using plasma-assisted metalorganic...
Authors: Hassan Zainuriah, F.K. Yam, Z.J. Yap, Azlan Abdul Aziz, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim
Abstract:GaN-based materials have been the subject of intensive research recently for blue and ultraviolet light emission and high temperature/high...
Authors: Hassan Zainuriah, Sha Shiong Ng, G.L. Chew, F.K. Yam, Mat Johar Abdullah, M. Roslan Hashim, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, M.E. Kordesch
Abstract:Gallium nitride (GaN) is a highly promising wide band gap semiconductor with applications in high power electronic and optoelectronic...
Authors: G.A. Esteban, A. Perujo, F. Legarda
Abstract:A time-dependent gas-phase isovolumetric desorption technique has been used to evaluate the diffusive transport parameters of hydrogen...
Authors: M.L. Álvarez, N. Camacho, C. Neipp, A. Márquez, A. Beléndez, I. Pascual
Abstract:The research made in the field of recording materials for holographic applications has yielded to materials of improving quality....
Authors: Bussarin Ksapabutr, Erdogan Gulari, Sujitra Wongkasemjit
Abstract:Zirconia based gels were prepared by the sol-gel route using sodium tris(glycozirconate)complex as precursor synthesized directly from the...
Authors: Mukul Gupta, Ajay Gupta, L.M. Kukreja, P. Mishra, S. Rajagopalan, A.K. Balamurgan, A.K. Tyagi
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