Cross-Disciplinary Applied Research in Materials Science and Technology

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: G. Aurelio, A. Fernández Guillermet, G.J. Cuello, P.B. Bozzano

Abstract: The lattice parameters of the bcc (b) and omega (W) phases occurring metastably in a series of Zr-rich Zr-Nb alloys have been determined at...

Authors: M. Nobili, Marco Scalerandi, P.P. Delsanto
Authors: Bun Tsuchiya, S. Nagata, Kesami Saito, Kentaro Toh, Tadaaki Shikama

Abstract: Radiation induced changes in electrical properties of calcium-zirconium-indium oxide ceramics (CaZr0.9In0.1O3-d) were investigated using a...

Authors: Eleni Pavlidou, N. Pistofidis, G. Vourlias, F. Stergioudis

Abstract: Thick sheets of steel were galvanized in a bath containing Al additions. A Fe2Al5 layer is formed at the substrate steel sheet, which leads...

Authors: Ibolya Zsoldos, J.F. Janik, L. Pellenyi

Abstract: A computer algorithm based on a topological model has been created to determine the tensile strength of glass metals in a theoretical way.

Authors: Cheng-Hsiung Peng, Hong-Wen Wang, Shih-Wei Kan, San-Yuan Chen

Abstract: Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 ferrite powders were synthesized by a hydrothermal method. The nanoparticles of these materials were mixed with a...

Authors: Yiming Li

Abstract: Quantum correction model features the correction of the inversion layer charge on different classical transport models in semiconductor...

Authors: K.M.A. Hossain, M. Lachemi

Abstract: Volcanic Pumice (VP) is found abundantly in various parts of the world. In this study, VP from East New Britain province of Papua New Guinea...

Authors: Rafal Michalski, Ryszard J. Radwanski

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the calculation method, which takes into consideration the electrostatic...

Authors: Yuri V. Kudryavtsev, Young Pak Lee, Ni Na Lee, Mei Dong Huang

Abstract: The magnetic, the magneto-optical and the optical properties of Ni2MnIn alloy films with significantly different atomic orders (from nearly...


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