Residual Stresses VII, ICRS7

Volumes 490-491

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bob B. He, Ke Wei Xu, Fei Wang, Ping Huang

Abstract: This paper introduces the recent progress in two-dimensional X-ray diffraction as well as its applications in microstructure and residual...

Authors: U. Welzel, Sylvain Fréour, A. Kumar, Eric J. Mittemeijer
Authors: Makoto Hayashi, Shinobu Okido

Abstract: In the X-ray diffraction method, the diffraction intensity, the half-value width, the residual stress and the amount of residual austenitic...

Authors: Ersan Üstündag, Robert C. Rogan, Mark R. Daymond, Nobumichi Tamura, L. Margulies, Henning Friis Poulsen
Authors: Axel Steuwer, D.J. Hughes, Zhe Fei Chen, B. Malard, N. Ratel, M. Turski, P.J. Webster

Abstract: FaME38 is a new facility at the ILL/ESRF in Grenoble with the aim of improving the accessibility and effectiveness of neutron and...

Authors: Yoshihisa Sakaida, Yozo Sawaki, Keisuke Tanaka, Yoshiaki Akiniwa
Authors: P. Matos, Pedro Miguel Guimarães Pires Moreira, J.C.P. Pina, A. Morão Dias, Paulo Manuel Salgado Tavares de Castro

Abstract: Cold working introduces a compressive stress field around rivet holes, reducing the tendency for fatigue cracks to initiate and grow under...

Authors: Clemens Franz, Gerhard Besserdich, Volker Schulze, Hermann Müller, Detlef Löhe

Abstract: The field of heat treatment of steels offers a large variety of applications for the use of simulation tools. It always includes the...

Authors: Dimitrios Elias Katsareas, Anastasius Youtsos

Abstract: Dissimilar metal welds are commonly found in the primary piping of pressurized water nuclear reactor power plants. The safety assessment...


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