Residual Stresses VII, ICRS7

Volumes 490-491

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Masahide Gotoh, Hajime Hirose, Toshihiko Sasaki

Abstract: Thin films deposited by physical vapor deposition (PVD) were studied in terms of residual stress by the authors. The final purpose of our...

Authors: Jonathan Almer, Geoffrey A. Swift, John A. Nychka, Ersan Üstündag, David R. Clarke

Abstract: Synchrotron x-rays are used for in situ determination of oxide strain, during oxide formation on a Kanthal A1 FeCrAlZr substrate at 1160°C....

Authors: Ying Zhang, S. Pratihar, Michael E. Fitzpatrick, Lyndon Edwards

Abstract: The contour method, a newly-invented sectioning technique for residual stress measurement, has the potential to measure the cross-sectional...

Authors: Y.B. Zhang, S.W. Chen, C.J. Liu, Y.H. Sun, M.C. Sun, R.K. Wang

Abstract: Drill pipe is made from 35CrMnMo. The used drill pipes were curved, when they were aligned and deformed, there is high macro residual...

Authors: Chedly Braham, A. Ben Rhouma, J. Lédion, H. Sidhom

Abstract: Surface generation using conventional machining processes shows a residual stress distribution which mainly depends on the process...

Authors: Hui Ru Huang, Yi Liang Zhang, Qin Meng Wang
Authors: Xing Chen, Lu Ming Li, E. Yang, X.F. Huang

Abstract: The change of magnetic flux as a function of applied tensive stress has been investigated under geomagnetic field for a cuboid specimen of...

Authors: I. Altenberger

Abstract: In this paper, The effects of laser-shock peening and high temperature deep rolling on nearsurface microstructures, residual stress states...

Authors: Ru Lin Peng, Sten Å.H. Johansson, Torsten Ericsson, Lena Thorsson

Abstract: In this paper we report our attempts to use the neutron and X-ray diffraction techniques to characterize residual stresses in specimens...


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