Residual Stresses VII, ICRS7

Volumes 490-491

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yoshiaki Akiniwa, Keisuke Tanaka, Hidehiko Kimura

Abstract: Single-edge-notched specimens of ultrafine-grained steel were fatigued. The mean grain size of the steel is about 2 micrometers. Propagation...

Authors: Manuel François, C. Ferreira, Ronald Guillén

Abstract: The global uncertainty, in X-ray stress analysis, is due to many factors but one of the most important is the uncertainty on peak positions...

Authors: Jean Michel Sprauel, H. Michaud

Abstract: X-ray diffraction is used to analyse the fatigue behaviour of carbo-nitrided steel layers. Measurements are therefore carried out on the two...

Authors: Arnold C. Vermeulen

Abstract: The sensitivity of various combinations of optics to alignment errors is investigated. A large number of tests with varying specimen...

Authors: Shin Ichi Ohya, Koichi Akita, Yuichi Shitaba, Mitsutoshi Yoshikawa
Authors: Chedly Braham, Andrzej Baczmanski, Wilfrid Seiler, N. Shiraki

Abstract: The X-ray diffraction measurements based on the grazing incident geometry were applied to determine lattice strains in polycrystalline...

Authors: Bruno Lavelle, L. Vendier, O. Auriol

Abstract: X-rays transmission stress analysis was tested on a 2mm thick steel sheet using energy dispersive X-rays diffraction (EDXD) and an...

Authors: Jun Peng, Vincent Ji, Wilfrid Seiler

Abstract: Residual stresses levels and their distributions in thin films have an important effect on their mechanical properties. The non-destructive...

Authors: Sophie Berveiller, Pascal Dubos, Karim Inal, André Eberhardt, Etienne Patoor

Abstract: We have developed a new convenient tool for local stress and strain analysis in the scanning electron microscope. It is based on the Kossel...

Authors: Joe F. Kelleher, David J. Buttle, Paul M. Mummery, Philip J. Withers

Abstract: Residual stress has been mapped in the heads of three normal grade and one heat treated (350HT) ex-service railway rails. Transverse,...


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