Advanced Powder Technology IV

Volumes 498-499

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: U.C. Oliveira Filho, A.C. Araújo, E.L. Oliveira, C.P. Souza

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to present a spray dryer device developed to synthesize ammonium niobium-oxalate precursor powder with...

Authors: Guerold Sergueevitch Bobrovinitchii, Marcello Filgueira

Abstract: A complete description of the parts of a centrifugal atomizer, with geometries and dimensions are shown. Tests of atomization were carried...

Authors: V.F. da Silva, M.V.C. Sampaio, E.A. de Carvalho, Guerold Sergueevitch Bobrovinitchii, Marcello Filgueira

Abstract: This work aims at the study of the behavior of the powder systems Fe-Cu e Fe- Cu-Diamond under compaction, using the stoichiometries Fe-20Cu...

Authors: Tsutomu Sonoda, Akira Watazu, Kazumi Kato, Tadashi Asahina

Abstract: The deposition of Sn-5wt.%Al alloy onto pure aluminum powder in its self-convective motion by magnetron DC sputtering was examined in order...

Authors: A.E.P. Brown, P.L. Metropolo, Marcio A. Carvalho

Abstract: Explosion study in an iron powder reduction furnace was performed. Pressurized gaseous hydrogen was used as reductive atmosphere to convert...

Authors: Elisa B. Taddei, Vinicius André Rodrigues Henriques, Cosme Roberto Moreira Silva, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo

Abstract: Abstract: Titanium and titanium alloys present the highest biocompatibility among metallic biomaterials. The ideal titanium alloy for...

Authors: Vinicius André Rodrigues Henriques, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo, Cosme Roberto Moreira Silva, José Carlos Bressiani

Abstract: With the prolonged average duration of life, there is an increase concern for repair of bone, joints and teeth which deteriorated and lose...

Authors: Fábio de Oliveira Arouca, João Jorge Ribeiro Damasceno

Abstract: The behavior of an isothermal and non-reaction solid-liquid system can be model using a mathematical model based on the Mixtures’ Theory of...

Authors: Rodrigo P. Siqueira, Hugo Ricardo Zschommler Sandim, Vinicius André Rodrigues Henriques, J.F.C. Lins

Abstract: The alpha-beta Ti-5%Al-2.5Fe (wt-%) alloy was developed as a cost-effective option to replace the traditional Ti-6%Al-4%V alloy in the...

Authors: Fábio de Oliveira Arouca, Marcos A.S. Barrozo, João Jorge Ribeiro Damasceno

Abstract: The determination of the grade distribution of solid particles is fundamental for the performance analysis of several pieces of equipment...


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